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Mobile Access Towers by GIERRE

A Gierre mobile tower is the best choice when you need to work at very high altitudes. Mister Worker™ offers the possibility to choose between various models, to be chosen according to the work that needs to be done.

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Mobile Access Towers GIERRE

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The Gierre mobile towers are highly professional mobile scaffolding, designed to guarantee maximum stability and safety in every situation: it is a strator useful for setting up a construction site, especially if you have to work for many days outdoors and at a high height.

The giant Gierre mobile tower, for example, reaches a height of 13 meters and has several solid and robust Eurodeck platforms, each with a hatch to facilitate the transition from one floor to another. It has a quick fixing system with ties with an involuntary anti-slip system, and the wheels have a braking system that makes it a stable and safe structure.

There is also the Gierre gigantic mobile tower version, which reaches up to 18 meters in height: it is the ideal structure to choose when setting up an important construction site, because it has a central tie rod that guarantees maximum rigidity and stability even in conditions adverse weather conditions. The surface finish with electrolytic zinc coating prevents corrosion due to atmospheric agents: this guarantees a longer useful life and makes it perfect to be used also for long-term outdoor construction work.

When working in the field of construction, a mobile tower Gierre is the best choice: from Mister Worker™ you can find the one that suits you best, and you will be delivered in a short time with regular safety certification.