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Imaging Clamp Meters by FLIR

In the catalogue of Mister Worker™ you can find some of the best FLIR imaging clamp meters, high-quality tools designed to detect electrical issues through thermal imaging, which avoids the need of contact and improves the user’s safety.

Imaging Clamp Meters FLIR

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Flir’s imaging clamp meters are innovative tools: not only do they fulfil the functions of traditional clamp meters, but they combine them with thermal imaging. This allows an accurate measurement even of very high currents and its integrated IGM™ system makes it possible to preserve the safety of the user, who will be able to identify damaged circuits from a safe distance.

Thanks to the advantages of thermal imaging, Flir’s core business, its industrial imaging clamp meters are able to find hidden electrical issues in components or circuits at a distance, fast and in all safety: this is why they’re commonly used by maintenance workers. Moreover, Flir’s clamp meters are really intuitive, light weighted and easy to use and have an integrated LED worklight that make them perfect to use also in dark locations.
If this sounds interesting to you, we recommend you have a look at our selection of imaging clamp meters; an example is the FLIR CM174 clamp meter, an highly professional tool that can scan the target’s electrical issues in good thermal resolution and check the existing problem and validate hotspots through a non-contact temperature measurement system that makes its use really safe. If you need a tool that can also store data, such as electrical measurements and thermal images, the FLIR CM275 imaging clamp meter is the right one for you! Carrying out your daily work tasks, for example inspecting and servicing plant equipment, will become safer and more efficient thanks to this tool’s infrared guided measurement system!

Finally, we would like you to have a look at the FLIR VP42 non-contact voltage detector with flashlight. This high-quality tool is perfect to detect AC voltages (between 190 and 1000 V), to solve electrical problems and verify the proper functioning of electrical installations in both residential and industrial buildings. Its ergonomic design ensures safety and the improvement of the efficiency and accuracy of your work.