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FISCHER Wood screws and connections

What Is Great about Fischer Wood Screws and Connections?

The Fischer wood screws and connections are becoming more and more popular because of their PowerFast connectors, reduced connection points, maximum strength, increased load capacity, and higher durability. Fischer wood screws come with a unique Power-Fast thread that reaches the screw tip and secures a faster bite - enabling you to make the installation process safe and simple even with larger screw dimensions for higher load-bearing timber constructions. The Fischer construction screws are the best performing double-threaded screws that are perfect for fixing any non-pressure-resistant insulation materials in rooftop insulation. These custom-made Fischer wood screws and connections screws are ideal for professional workers who are looking for the highest load-bearing capacity, fast and easy installation. 

The Fischer post holders are made of high-quality die-cast aluminium and powder-coated finish for maximum durability. These Fischer post holders are used for mounting surfaces of 3" diameter posts that are up to 8' height, and these post holders include all mounting hardware such as anchor bolts, templates, set screws, and Allen wrench. The Fischer chipboard screws are the premium quality screws that come with unique Power-Fast thread, provide higher safety, save power and battery capacity, and reduce the drive-in resistance. Whether you are looking for wood screws, construction screws, post holders, chipboard screws, or even steel screws, when you choose Fischer, you can rest assured that you can work on your projects safely and effortlessly with higher levels of productivity. 

Discover the complete range of wood screws and connections available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer wood screws, Fischer construction screws, Fischer post holders, Fischer chipboard screws, and steel screws and ship them all over the world, no matter where you live. If you need to purchase premium quality screws and connection materials, check out our complete category of Fischer Brackets For Connections, Construction Screws, Full Thread Construction Screws, Post Holder, Power-Fast Chipboard Screws, Power-Fast Ii Chipboard Screws, and Power-Fast Stainless Steel Screws. 

The Fischer Torx stainless steel chipboard screw with semi-circular head and full thread FPF-PT A2F is one of the best-selling products in this category. It comes with premium quality chipboard screws that are made from A2 stainless steel with full thread and a round head for lightweight installation in external areas and wet rooms. The Fischer post holder round shape HOT-DIP galvanized XFSC is another best selling product that comes with a base hole of 12,5 mm, 150 mm in size, and 3 mm of thickness - enabling you to solidly attach any square post to any concrete or wood deck with increased stability and style. The steel fabrication of the Fischer post holder makes it even more resistant and sturdier than any plastic holder, and no maintenance is required. The Fischer construction screw 659407 - Torx screw with a hexagonal head, white zinc plating, and partial thread FPF-HT ZPP is the most powerful wood construction screw that comes with a hexagonal head, partial thread, and TX star recess drive - allows you to use in any timber constructions with less effort and save a lot of time.