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FISCHER Universal fixings

Discover Fischer Universal Fixings Complete Catalogue

The demand for Fischer universal fixings such as duopower plugs, rawl plugs, aircrete anchor, and anchor for cellular concrete is increasing more and more because of their innovative purpose fixing, reduced fastener length, thin collar fixing, and anti-close-rotation fins. The Fischer duopower plugs are the intelligent 2-component plugs that come with multiple product functions - enabling you for a variety of applications with just one plug. These custom-made Fischer duopower plugs are the perfect choice for professional workers who are looking for automatic adjustment of the building materials and transferring the highest loads through multiple product functions such as folding, expanding, and knotting. 

The Fischer rawl plugs are the best-performing plugs that are made of high-quality nylon. These Fischer rawl plugs expand into solid construction materials and knots in hollow and structural panel building materials for the highest holding capacity. The Fischer aircrete anchors are the strongest internal thread anchors that come with the innovative four-way expansion for fixing in autoclaved aerated concrete materials. These unique and innovative Fischer aircrete anchors are ideal for those who are looking for higher load capacity, saving on fixing points, simple and power-saving installation, and automatic setting control. Whether you need to buy duopower plugs, rawl plugs, aircrete anchors, FTP anchor for cellular concrete, or SX universal fixings, when you choose Fischer universal fixings, you can rest assured that you can get your fixing projects done faster, effortlessly, and reduce costs. 

Explore the complete range of universal fixings available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer duopower plugs, Fischer rawl plugs, Fischer aircrete anchors, Fischer anchor for cellular concrete, and Fischer SX universal fixings and deliver them worldwide. If you are looking for high-quality universal fixings for your next projects, check out our complete category of Fischer Duopower Universal Fixings, FPX Anchor For Cellular Concrete, FTP Fixing For Cellular Concrete, FU Universal Fixings, GB Fixing For Cellular Concrete, Po-Pos Brass Fixing, S Universal Fixings, SB Universal Expansion Fixing, SBS Metal Expansion Fixing, Sx Universal Fixings, Tb-Tbb Fixing Of Treads For Steps, and Ux Universal Fixings. 

The Fischer duopower plug with a short hook is one of the best-selling products in this category. It comes with a fixing length of 30 mm, 6 mm hole, wood screws and chipboard of 4,5 x 35 mm, and minimum hole depth of 40 mm - enabling you to work faster and effortlessly with a wide variety of materials such as concrete, brick full brick, plasterboards, full brick calcium silicate, natural stones, any chipboards, and full panel plaster materials. The Fischer Anchor For Cellular Concrete FPX-I is another best selling product that comes with an effective anchorage depth of 70 mm, relevant ETA certification, 75 mm fixing length, 10 mm hole, maximum insertion depth of 15, and minimum hole depth of 95 mm - allowing you to have higher load capacity, easy and power-saving installation, and no rotation of the anchor. The Fischer SX Universal Fixing Expansion Nylon Plug with Pozidriv Chipboard Screw-in Tray SX 6 S (400 pcs) comes with 800 contents, wood crews and chipboard of 4,5 x 40 mm, and a fixable maximum thickness of 5 mm. With this SX universal fixing, you can ensure the optimum distribution of forces and higher load capacity in solid and hollow support materials.