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Make the Most of Fischer Great Deals, Discounts, and Special Offers

The demand for Fischer products such as adhesives, tapes and sprays, chemical fixings, electrical Fixings, insulation fixings, and chemical resins is increasing more and more because of their innovative power, safety, quality, and expertise. Fischer has established itself as the leading brand in the global fixing industry and is well known for providing its customers with the best and secure fixing solutions with real added value. Fischer strives to cover a broad application spectrum and offer a wide range of high-quality fastening solutions with their standard products as well as project-based solutions. 

A significant factor of Fischer's continued success is its primary values which are accountability, reliability, innovation, and its commitment to its customers. Fischer is a family-owned enterprise founded in 1948. With 43 national companies plus more than 100 importers, Fischer has gained a strong global presence. The primary focus of Fischer is to design, develop, and produce high-performing fixing solutions that are safe, reliable, and easy to install - enabling you to save time, money, and labor. 

Explore the complete range of Fischer great deals and discounts available on Mister Worker™. We offer a lot of lucrative Fischer discounts on a wide range of expansion nylon plugs, expansion plugs with screws, chipboard screws, plasterboard fixings, universal nylon fixings, and many more. Fischer offers up to a 33% discount on all of these best-performing fixing solutions. If you are looking for Fischer super offers, check out our complete range of adhesives, tapes, and sprays, anchors for plasterboard and sheets, chemical fixings, high-performance steel anchors, insulation fixings, sanitary fixings, samontec systems for plant engineering, self-service line, and solar-fix systems. Fischer fastening solutions come with a unique modular design software set that is known as "FIXPERIENCE" - offering you a secured and solid design along with the highest processing comfort. The Fischer fixings offer precise anchoring, clean and effective drilling procedure, fast and easy installation, and higher load capacity. 

The Fischer Universal Nylon Fixing with Medium Hook SBN9/2 is one of the best-selling products in this category that offers you a 33% discount. It comes with a fixing length of 43 mm, 9 mm hole, minimum hole depth of 50 mm, minimum panel thickness of 12,5 mm, width hook of 16, and wood screws and chipboard of 4,5 x 63 mm - allowing you to safely distribute the heavy loads on the surface of the wall. The Fischer Plasterboard Fixing for Fixing Heavy Loads Doublade 10 is another best-selling product that comes with an anchor length of 44 mm, anchorage depth of 9,5 - 25 mm, 29 mm length anchor blunt, minimum hole depth of 50 mm, minimum screw depth of 28 mm, and the screw size of 4 - 5 mm x ls - enabling you for fixing heavy loads by installing the system safely, quickly, and effortlessly. This best performing plasterboard fixing is perfectly suitable for wood, metal, and chipboard screws that range from 4 to 5 mm thickness and different hooks and eye screws.