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FISCHER Scaffold anchors and eye fixings

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Scaffold anchors and eye fixings FISCHER

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Fischer Scaffold Anchors and Eye Fixings Complete Catalogue

The Fischer scaffold anchors, eye screws, eye fixings, ring nuts, anchor for scaffolding, tubes for scaffolding, and scaffold eybolts are becoming more and more popular because of their higher load capacity, greater safety, high-quality welds, stable anchorage, high-quality safety caps, and robust, reusable spindle bolts. Fischer eye screws are designed and manufactured with zinc-plated steel to use with the Fischer plugs or can be directly used in any wooden materials or anchored in concrete and masonry materials with Fischer frame fixings. These zinc-plated steel-made Fischer eye screws offer higher load-bearing capacity, therefore providing increased safety. These custom-made Fischer ring nuts are the perfect choice for those who are looking for mounting plugs with threaded bolts and fixing in concrete, solid, and hollow construction materials. 

The Fischer eye fixings are the fast, safe, and cost-effective fixing solutions for various materials including chains, a wide variety of ropes, trellises, different types of frames, and clotheslines. The Fischer anchor for scaffolding is the best and safest anchoring solution for a wide range of façade scaffolds - enabling you to introduce higher loads in a safe and secure way into any construction or building materials. The Fischer tube for scaffolding is the ideal choice for professional workers who are looking for different supportive materials as a solid function of the fastening system of their construction projects. Whether you are looking for scaffolds anchors, eye screws, eye fixings, ring nuts, anchors for scaffolding, tubes for scaffolding, or even scaffold eybolts, when you choose Fischer, you can rest assured that you can work on your construction projects with maximum safety, less effort, less time, and reduced costs.

Discover the complete range of scaffold anchors and eye fixings available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer scaffold eybolts, Fischer tubes for scaffolding, Fischer anchors for scaffolding, Fischer eye screws, Fischer ring nuts, Fischer scaffold anchors, and Fischer eye fixings and deliver them worldwide. The Fischer tube for scaffolding type with CAP PDL is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with Ø 50 mm eyebolts, an eyelet of Ø 23 mm, and 570 mm length - enabling you to obtain the maximum load ability, stable anchorage, and maximum safety when working on your most demanding construction projects. 

The Fischer eye fixings set for diamond drills FDBB 16/50 is another best selling product that comes with high quality expanding element 16 SE, 16/50/160 bar, one clamping nut, 16 mm hole, key tightening of 27 mm, a length of 200 mm, 135 mm maximum hole depth for through installation, and a working length of 50 mm - allowing you for temporary fixing of any diamond and core drilling materials as well as diamond saws. The Fischer 513317 - female eye bolt in steel GP 50 for scaffolding comes with 50 ⌀ eyelets, eyelet length of 140 mm, eyelet thickness of 12, eyelet width of 74, 32 mm key tightening, and 100 mm working length - enabling you to obtain the maximum load-bearing capacity of the Fischer eyebolt in hot-forged steel that increases the safety of your scaffolding fixings.