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Fischer Sanitary Fixings: Discover the Complete Catalogue

The Fischer sanitary fixings such as ceramic free-standing toilets, ceramic basin fixings, urinals and sanitary installations, and boiler fixings are becoming more and more popular because of their pre-positioned and push-through installation feature, safe, fast, and long-lasting fixing solutions. Fischer basin fixings are made of high-strength nylon nuts and flush collar sleeves that are resistant to aging and different chemicals. The Fischer basin fixing system guarantees you a long-lasting fixing that will not damage the porcelain or ceramic. The collar sleeves prevent direct contact between the ceramic materials and screws, consequently protecting the ceramics from any damage. 

These custom-made Fischer sanitary fixings are the perfect choice for professional workers who are looking for quick, safe, and simple mounting of washbasins, ceramic toilets, and urinals. The Fischer basin fixings come with a complete fixing set with high-quality plugs, stud screws, flush sleeves, and flanged nuts - allow you to install quickly and easily and handle them safely and effortlessly. These basin fixings can be used in all solid, hollow, and any board materials, thus allowing you a higher level of flexibility. Whether you are looking for non-ceramic sanitary fixings, ceramic installations, or boiler fixings, choosing Fischer sanitary fixings, you can rest assured that you can work on your sanitary fixing projects effortlessly, safely, and save a lot of time. 

Discover the complete range of sanitary fixings available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer basin fixings, Fischer boiler fixings, Fischer ceramic installations, and Fischer non-ceramic sanitary fixings and ship them worldwide. The Fischer sanitary fixings 571390 - universal pre-assembled system for WC for disabled TCS is one of the best-selling products in this category. It comes with a pre-assembled system with a height of 1180mm, 420mm width, and 180/230mm wheelbase - allowing you to install the system quickly and effortlessly. It enables you to work with different materials such as full bricks, half-full bricks (vertically perforated brick), plasterboards, and gypsum-fiber plates. 

The Fischer basin fixing 501065 - heavy wash basin bracket ML is another best selling product that comes with a bore diameter of 12, RAL 9010 white color, two u-shaped structure shelves, two support struts, two S screw fasteners with 12 T.E., and two M12 nuts with washer -enabling you to drill at the correct distance of 90 mm to ML 25 and 150 mm to ML 35. With its bayonet coupling of the strut on the shelf, you can assemble very quickly and effortlessly. The Fischer concealed fixing for toilet and bidet on the floor with side holes WB 5N is the perfect fixing set for fixing free-standing toilets and bidets. It comes with a complete fixing set with plugs, screws, high-quality cover caps, 10mm hole, 70mm minimum hole depth, and a WB5 N mounting bracket with pre-drilled rows of holes - enabling you for flexible fixing in both of the directions and it compensates for height variations in ceramics.