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FISCHER S-line systems for fall safety

Fischer S-Line Systems Complete Catalogue

The demand for the Fischer S-line system is increasing because of exceptional fall safety, quick installation, and easy-to-use functions. The Fischer Accessories For Poles such as "support for flat base for shaped poles" is designed and manufactured to support professional workers to work safely and efficiently with their flat base poles on pitched roofs. These custom-made S-line fall safety solutions are the ideal choice for those who are looking for high-quality accessories for poles, ropes and tightening accessories, fixing solutions, and point anchors. 

The Fischer Point Anchors are designed and manufactured to provide adequate load-bearing capacity, alternative mounting solutions, and the safety of the base plate of the pole. The Fischer point anchors provide protection from the elements and help to fasten the base plate of the particular pole utilizing the flashing accessory. Fischer type C lines come with corner intermediate plate SVA and the vertical flexible anchoring system that supports materials such as walls and concrete walls, masonry walls, floors and concrete slabs, and wood elements. Whether you are looking for support for the flat gutter ladder, roof pitch ladder support, slab sladder support, or step wall inox support, when you choose the Fischer S-line system, you can rest assured that you can work on your projects more safely and efficiently.

Discover the complete range of Fischer s-line systems for fall safety available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer type B portable devices, Fischer accessories for poles, Fischer point anchors, Fischer type C lines and deliver them worldwide. If you need to buy high quality and durable s-line systems for your next project, check out our complete category of Fischer Access to Coverage, Accessories for Poles, Fixing Solutions, Manuals and Tags, Point Anchors Type A, Ropes and Tightening Accessories, Type B Portable Device, and Type C Lines. The Fischer accessories for poles 515720 - waterproof protection for poles is one of the best-selling products in this category. It comes with the high-performing cleaning brush for approval-compliant drill hole cleaning, one sheet alubutilico of 350 x 350 cm, and a high-quality, long-lasting design made of metal with the connecting thread of M8. 

The Fischer Point Anchors 535870 - swivel pole HOT-DIP galvanized PG BP is another best-selling product that comes with a height of 500mm and pole swivel PG in hot-dip galvanized steel material. This point anchor system ensures that it gives you adequate load-bearing capacity and the alternative mounting solutions are always available for you. The Fischer type B portable device VL-line anchoring comes with one 1200 mm aluminium rod with eyelet for DPI, two lateral 500 mm rods of the clamping, one instruction manual, and one gib. This VL-line anchoring is highly convenient to carry, quick and easy to install, and comfortable to use. It allows you to work safely and efficiently on the cover even without the presence of previously installed fixed devices. The Fischer type B portable devices are perfectly suitable to install, inspect, maintain, clean, and repair on the roof and wall of solar panels, solar thermal panels, antennas, and fireplaces.