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FISCHER Nails, flaps and pre-punched tapes

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Nails, flaps and pre-punched tapes FISCHER

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Fischer Nails, Flaps, Pre-Punched Tapes, Perforated Tapes, and Bending Pliers Complete Catalog

The demand for Fischer pre-punched tapes, nails, perforated tapes, flaps, and bending pliers is increasing more and more because of their unique an high-quality SZE setting tool, hand impact protection striker, high quality retaining rings, safe hammering, fast and easy impact installation, robust percussion nails, and highly protective sheaths. The Fischer nails are the perfect solution for fixing any concrete materials even without pre-drilling - allowing you for fast and effortless installation, secure assembly, and safe hammering because of higher impact protection. Fischer perforated tapes come with a high-quality steel tape with cut-out holes and zinc-galvanized - allowing you for quick and simple installation in zinc-plated versions and ground fixing utilizing Fischer nails. The steel thickness of Fischer perforated tapes enables you to cut the tape easily and precisely in any size using the sheet metal shears.   

These custom-made Fischer pre-punched tapes are ideal for those who are looking for the perfect solution for fixing any pipes and cables throughout their construction phases. The Fischer bending pliers come with a highly effective QUICK-FIX system, Verga steel, caliper and a wide range of hardware, and a high-quality gripper - enabling you to create precise measures of shelves, different brackets, and connections between a wide range of non-structural elements. Whether you are looking for impact nails, perforated tapes, bending pliers, or even pre-punched tapes, when you choose Fischer, you can rest assured that you can work on your projects with higher safety, increased productivity, less effort, less time, and reduced overall costs. 

Discover the complete range of nails, flaps, and pre-punched tapes available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer pre-punched tapes, Fischer nails, Fischer perforated tapes, and Fischer bending pliers and deliver them all over the world, no matter where you live. The Fischer 507870 - perforated steel banding LB IN ROLL is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a bore diameter of 7, recommended load of 0,65, 0.8 mm thickness, a total length of 10000 mm, and 17 mm width - enabling you to fix any pipes and cables quickly, safely, and effortless during any of your construction phases. 

The Fischer impact nail ED 18 BUCKET is another best-selling product in this category that comes with 600 percussion nails ED 18, 4 mm diameter, 18 mm length, and a total length of 26 mm - allowing you for a quick and safe installation in concrete using the firing pin SZE even without pre-drilling and offers the best hand protection due to the impact protection striker SZE. The Fischer bending pliers for mounting QUICK FIX PN comes with a width of 50 mm, 1 m - 2 m length, 3 mm thickness, and a wide range of hardware. This best performing QUICK-FIX system enables you to create an explicit measure of shelves, any brackets, and different connections between a wide variety of non-structural elements and manually implement the support brackets of different shapes and sizes.