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What Is Great about Fischer Insulation Fixings?

The Fischer insulation fixings are becoming more and more popular because of their increased productivity, less waste of space in the warehouse, secure attachments, no waste of time in choosing, and no mishap in the pipeline. The Fischer dipk insulation render fixing is the perfect choice for those who are looking for reduced heat transmission, less drilling, saving time and cost, and safely fixing pressure-resistant insulation that is up to 160 mm thick such as PU panels in perforated bricks, wood wool lightweight panels, and polystyrene boards. Fischer insulation fixing thermal bridge comes with the geometry of the FID 90 gusset that enables fast and easy installation without pre-drilling into the thin layers of different plasters, hence saving you an installation phase. These best-performing insulation fixing thermal bridges are perfectly suitable for fixing collars for a wide variety of downpipes of insulating panels. 

The Fischer universal insulation anchor offers an economical, energy-efficient, fast, and secure insulation board fixing solution for various building materials. These Fischer universal insulation anchors guarantee secure hold in all building materials and save time and money during the installation process. The Fischer insulation discs are ideal for combining nail and frame fixing and fixing a wide variety of insulation boards to different façades and ceilings precisely, permanently, securely, effortlessly. Whether you are looking for dipk insulation render fixings, insulation fixing thermal bridges, universal insulation anchors, or even insulation discs, when you choose Fischer, you can rest assured that you can work on your insulation fixing projects with less time, effort, and reduced costs. 

Discover the complete range of high-quality insulation fixings available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer insulation fixings, Fischer insulation fixing thermal bridges, Fischer universal insulation anchors, and Fischer insulation discs and deliver them worldwide. The Fischer DIPK insulation render fixings PVC is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with 50 ⌀ disks, 30 mm effective anchorage depth, and 8 mm hole - enabling you to reduce heat transmission with the reinforced plastic nail, save time through hammerset installation, and save money because of low setting depth. 

The Fischer universal insulation anchor FIF-SV II is another best-selling product that comes with an anchor length of 202 mm, minimum anchorage depth of 35 mm, and an insulation thickness of 100-400 - allowing you to avoid wasting space in the warehouse, prevent wasting time in choosing, and increased productivity. This universal anchor for insulation panels offers an extremely simple mounting depth with a dedicated tool, quick-cut insulation, safe and easy attachment with ETA certification, and fixing of various thermal insulation panels on any concrete materials as well as solid and semisolid bricks. The Fischer insulation fixing thermal bridge for downpipes FID-V M8 comes with a 90 mm anchor length, length metric thread of 15, and double-thread screw of Ø 6 x M8 - enabling you to save a time-consuming installation phase through quick and easy installation without pre-drilling into various thin layers of plasters.