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FISCHER Frame fixings and stand-off installation

Discover the complete catalogue of Fischer: Hammer Fixing, Frame Fixings, and Stand-Off Installation

The demand for Fischer frame fixings is increasing more and more because of their cost-effective fixing, excellent load-bearing capacity in all construction materials, maximum anchor lengths of 360mm, and up to three anchorage depths such as the diameters of 8 mm, 10 mm, and 14 mm. These highly innovative and high-performing frame fixings hold porous stones with larger cavities and anchor the fixings securely and firmly in the substrate. These Fischer frame fixings also have a unique anti-rotation lock system that works perfectly even in critical construction materials. 

These versatile frame fixings are ideal for those who are looking for heavy-duty fixing to attach different types of timber frames, battens, wooden or metal windows, and many other wooden products to concrete and masonry. The Fischer hammer fixings system comes with a quick and easy push-through installation process that reduces the overall installation time. An integral hammer of the Fischer hammer fixings system limits the fixing from early spreading (jamming) throughout the installation - enabling you to handle it comfortably and effortlessly. Whether you are looking for high-quality cover caps, frame fixing fur, frame fixings SXR, frame fixings SXRL, or frame fixings SHR, choosing Fischer fixings and stand-off installation, you can rest assured that you can finish your fixings project with less effort and time. 

Explore the complete range of cover caps, frame fixing, and hammer fixing tools and accessories available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer frame fixings N, Fischer frame fixings SXR, Fischer frame fixings SXRL, Fischer frame fixings SHR, and Fischer hammer fixings and deliver them worldwide. If you are looking for heavy-duty frame fixings or best performing stand-off installation, check out our complete range of Cover Caps, Frame Fixing Fur, Frame Fixing SXR, Frame Fixing SXRL, Hammerfix N, and Remedial Wall Tie VBS. The Fischer frame fixings SXR nylon fixing with Torx screw WT is one of the best-selling products in this category. This extended fixing SXR WT is highly suitable for concrete ≥ C12/15, solid masonry bricks, calcium silicates, semi-solid bricks, cellular concrete, insulated Blocks, and solid plaster panels. The Fischer frame fixings SXR comes with a fixing length of 60mm, fixable thickness up to 30mm, minimum anchoring depth of 30mm, 6mm hole, and minimum hole depth of 70mm - enabling you to work on your wood construction projects with maximum flexibility, less effort and time, and reduced cost. 

Another best-selling product in this category is the Fischer frame fixings SXRL which comes with an ETA rating with excellent load values - enabling you to safely do multiple fixings of non-structural systems in different materials such as concrete and masonry. The Fischer frame fixings FUR SS A4 comes with a minimum anchoring depth of 70mm - allowing you for secure fixing in all buildings and many other construction materials. The Fischer frame fixing FUR-SS A4 consists of a fixing sleeve manufactured with high-quality nylon material and a hexagonal screw built with stainless steel.