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Fischer Electrical Fixings Complete Catalog

The Fischer electrical fixing such as mounting of pipelines, mounting of multiple cables, mounting of individual cables, hammerfix anchors, and conduit clip is becoming more and more popular because of their optimum distribution of forces in materials, damage-free tiles and plaster, fast and easy installation, and higher capacity. Fischer mounting of pipelines is the most cost-effective, fast, safe, and easy to use electrical conduits and pipeline fixing solution. These innovative Fischer mounting of pipelines enable you to work on your pipeline mounting projects in secured and the best possible ways through the process of interacting the fixing elements with highly innovative solutions.

These custom-made Fischer electrical fixings are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a quick, secured, cost-effective, innovative, and easy-to-mount solution for their upcoming pipe fixing projects. Fischer mounting of multiple cables offers high mechanical strength, cost-effective mounting of bundled electric cables, and space-saving fixings solution in wall slots and wood constructions. The Fischer mounting of individual cables is a highly cost-effective, fast, and easy-to-mount fixing solution for any lightweight cables and pipes with various diameters. Whether you are looking for a perfect solution for the mounting of pipelines, hammerfix anchors, mounting of multiple cables, or even mounting of individual cables, when you choose Fischer, you can rest assured that you can work on your electrical fixing projects faster, safer, with less effort, and saving a lot of time and money as well. 

Discover the complete range of electrical fixing available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer electrical fixings, Fischer conduit clips, and Fischer hammerfix anchors and deliver them worldwide. The Fischer electrical fixing 553114 - plug with cylindrical head screw for electricians SX 6 SC is one of the best selling products in this category that comes with a high-quality nylon plug, wood screws and chipboard of 4,5 x 40 mm, and a special cylinder head screw that is perfect for professional electricians who are looking for fast and effortless installation of electrical equipment without any support. This SX 6 SC electrician box offers damage-free electrical fixing of tiles and plaster and supports a wide variety of materials such as concrete, brick full brick, brick full calcium silicate, block solid lightweight concrete, natural stone, and full panel plasters. 

The Fischer hammerfix anchor with nail screw N S is another best selling product in this category that comes with an effective anchorage depth of 30 mm, fixable maximum thickness depth of 10 mm, 40 mm fixing length, 6 mm hole, minimum hole depth of 55 mm for through installation, and m6 attachment - enabling you for simple, secure, and fast hammer set installation and saving money. The Fischer conduit clip BSMD is a high-quality and best-performing metal clip that is ideal for the fixing of finally installed electric cables, different plastic insulation pipes, and any steel conduits. This conduit clip BSMD offers quick and safe installation with the Fischer impact nail ED into the wood, concrete, and many other construction materials.