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FISCHER Drill bits and bits

What Is Great about Fischer Drill Bits, Chisels, and Hole Saws?

The demand for Fischer drill bits, chisels, cylindrical drill bits, hole saws, and hollow drill bits is increasing more and more because of their extreme heat resistance, higher precision pilot drilling, quicker drilling progress, efficient anchoring, and longer service life. Fischer chisels provide you excellent working comfort due to their high oscillation endurance. These high-performing chisels are made of hardened steel - offering you a longer life span. They are custom-made and the ideal choice for professional workers who need to remove materials in higher quantities and perform various tasks, for example, breaking off tiles, plaster coating, or even floor screed. 

Fischer cylindrical drill bits provide the best performance and higher stability while drilling for perfectly circular holes with more precision, less effort, and more speed. These high-quality cylindrical drill bits are made from tungsten carbide - offering you extreme heat resistance, less vibration, higher comfort, and less friction when drilling. The Fischer cylindrical drill bits are perfectly suitable for heavy-duty drilling in masonry, non-compact natural stone, and concrete materials. Whether you are looking for the best-performing drill bits, chisels, cylindrical drill bits, hole saws, or even hollow drill bits, choosing Fischer, you can rest assured that you work on your projects with higher stability, less effort, less time, and higher comfort. 

Explore the complete range of drill bits and bits available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer Hollow Drill Bits, Fischer Hole Saws, chisels, and cylindrical drill bits and deliver them worldwide. If you need to buy high-quality and heavy-duty drill bits and bits that are resistant to extreme heat, check out our complete category of Fischer Chisels, Cylindrical Drill Bits, Hole Saws, Hollow Drill Bits, and Sds Plus And Sds Max Drill Bits. The Fischer Hollow Drill Bit for Dust-Free drilling in Concrete FHD is one of the best-selling products in this category. It comes with SDS plus connection for power tools, one tip content, and plastic staples packaging - allowing you to drill with lower dust, safe and cost-effective setting of chemical and engineering anchors, and efficient anchoring. The Fischer Hollow Drill Bits FHD offers you drilling and cleaning the drill hole in one single step - helping you reduce the dust on your construction projects enormously. 

The Fischer chisels 504291 - Spatula SDS MAX is another best-selling product in this category that comes with a length of 350 mm, chisel spatula type, and a width of 115 mm. The Spatula SDS MAX chisel offers excellent working comfort, longer life span, secure transfer of force because of the SDS Max seat. The Fischer Hole Saw adapter with HSS centering tip for bi-metal hole cutters FM comes with a "⌀ 9" connection for power tools and an adapter that is connected with the metal tip for perfect centring. The Fischer Bi-Metal Hole Saw HS - HSS - CM MM K comes with Cobalt-alloyed cutting teeth, Vario toothing, a diameter of 16-30 mm for version A1 and 32-210 mm diameter for version A2 - enabling you for suitable metals processing, fast sawing progress, and longer service life.