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FISCHER Chemical fixings

Fischer Chemical Fixing Complete Catalog: Best Fischer Products

The demand for Fischer chemical fixing such as chemical anchors, resin anchors, rebaring chemicals, and injection mortars is increasing more and more because of their heavy-duty fixings in any concrete and masonry. The Fischer chemical fixing solution is the perfect choice for professional workers who need to transfer excessive loads in concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), or masonry. The Fischer chemical anchors are highly cost-effective, quick and easy to install, and gives you maximum flexibility. These custom-made chemical anchors come with high speed and significantly shorter curing time - ensuring fast work progress even at a lower temperature. 

Fischer rebaring chemical offers the highest load absorption for greater security, expansion-free fixing for small-scale spacings, and edge distances, and it is suitable for all relevant building materials. The Fischer rebaring chemical comes with an extended processing time that stops the premature hardening of the mortar even at higher temperatures, and it is ideally suitable for large drill hole depths. The Fischer resin anchors are designed and manufactured for the highest load-bearing capacity in any cracked and non-cracked concrete materials. These resin anchors are ideal for those who need fixations of shear connectors for different concrete layers, various tall shelving, and massive steel constructions. Whether you need to buy accessories and kits for fixing, hole cleaners, injection mortars, manual guns, mixers, choosing Fischer, you can rest assured that you can work on your projects with maximum flexibility, less effort, and save hours of work. 

Explore the complete range of accessories and kits, resin capsules, rebaring chemicals, and chemical anchors on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer chemicals for rebaring, injection mortars, and chemical anchors and ship them worldwide. If you are looking for high quality and best performing chemical fixings, check out our complete category of Fischer accessories and kit, cleaning the holes, injection mortars, manual guns, mixers, rebar anchor, resin capsules, resins in tin, and threaded rods, sockets, hooks, and eye screw. The Fisher 360 chemical injection mortars FIS is one of the best-selling products in this category. It comes with 51 x 5.1 x 6.5 cm dimensions, 730 grams of weight, and can be used from 8 mm to 20 mm diameter. The Fisher 360 chemical is perfectly suitable for numerous projects such as concrete rebar fix, any anchor fix, guard rails, steelwork constructions, any types of timber construction, steel brackets, and even pipelines. 

To learn more about Fischer fixing, anchors, accessories and fits, or mixers, browse the complete catalog of adhesives, tapes, and sprays, anchor for plasterboard and sheets, drill bits, and bits, electrical fixings, foams and sealants, frame fixings and stand-off installation, high-performance steel anchors, insulation fixings, nails, flaps, and pre-punched tapes, S-Line systems for fall safety, samontec systems for plant engineering, sanitary fixings, scaffold anchors and eye fixings, self-service line, solar-fix systems, universal fixings, window frame fixings, and wood screws and connections available for sale on Mister Worker™.