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FISCHER Anchor for plasterboard and sheets

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Anchor for plasterboard and sheets FISCHER

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What Is Great about Fischer Plasterboard Fixings, Anchors, and Plasterboard Plugs?

Fischer plasterboard fixings are becoming more and more popular because of their fast and easy installation, higher load capacity, short fixing length, positive fit fixing, and quick and safe mounting. These Fischer plasterboard fixings are made of high-quality nylon and come with a sharp and self-tapping thread that enables you to safely fix any cavity with the mechanical interlocking system. The Fischer plasterboard plugs are the ideal choice for professional workers who are looking for heavy-duty anchorings to use in construction projects such as tunnels, walls, power generating plants, or bridges. Fischer anchors, plasterboard plugs, duo-tec cavity fixing, and many other products were developed and manufactured in Germany to provide their end-user with superb quality and best fitting solutions for any fixing issue. The Fischer anchors are perfect for those who are looking for strong, secure, and aesthetic anchoring.

Fischer self drilled plasterboard fixings provide optimum strength through their unique design that uses the wings that open in any cavity right behind the plasterboard. The self drill plasterboard fixings are specially designed for use with drywall and offer a fast and easy-to-install design that is ideally suited for typical drywall thicknesses. These custom-made Fischer duotec cavity fixings are quick and easy to install and enable you to quickly secure any heavy object or element to your plasterboard wall. Whether you are looking for plasterboard fixings, anchors, plasterboard plugs, duotec cavity fixing, or self drill plasterboard fixings, when you choose Fischer, you can rest assured that you can finish your construction projects faster, more effortlessly, and save a lot of time.

Discover the complete range of plasterboard fixings, anchors, and drywall anchors on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Fischer plasterboard fixings, Fischer anchors, Fischer plasterboard plugs, Fischer duotec cavity fixing, Fischer self drill plasterboard fixings, and drywall anchors and deliver them worldwide. The Fischer drywall screw 665007 is one of the best-selling products in this category. It comes with a fine thread FSN-TPB-F that creates a fast, secure connection while installing gypsum plasterboards and fibreboards on any wooden posts or on any sort of metal profiles that are up to 0 mm thick. 

The Fischer double-sided tape insulating BFT is another best-selling product that comes with 25000 mm tape length, polyethylene foam thickness of 3 mm, and suitable for all kinds of building materials. The Fischer universal nylon fixing with medium hook SBN9/2 comes with fixing lengths of 43 mm, 9 mm hole, maximum hole depth of 50 mm, minimum panel thickness of 12.5 mm, and width hook of 16. It is the perfect choice for those who need to work with the materials such as plasterboard sheets, wood Panels, panels MDF, multiplex panels, plywood panels, and non-structural hollow bricks.

To learn more about Fischer fixing, anchors, or plasterboard plugs, browse the complete catalog of adhesives, tapes, and sprays, chemical fixings, drill bits, and bits, electrical fixings, foams and sealants, frame fixings and stand-off installation, high-performance steel anchors, insulation fixings, nails, flaps, and pre-punched tapes, S-Line systems for fall safety, samontec systems for plant engineering, sanitary fixings, scaffold anchors and eye fixings, self-service line, solar-fix systems, universal fixings, window frame fixings, and wood screws and connections available for sale on Mister Worker™.