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What Is Great About Festool Systainers, Storage Toolboxes?

Festool Systainers are modular inter-stacking containers that can help you to organize and transport your power tools effortlessly and safely. The Festo Systainers are designed & manufactured to connect other Systainers and CT dust extractors seamlessly - while the Systianer system makes it easy for you to configure highly mobile and job-specific kits within seconds. The Festool SYS is an ideal choice for professionals who need to keep their work process highly organized and efficient. 

These Systainers offer rugged, flexible, and more convenient systems of storing, transporting, and combining different corded or cordless tools and accessories. The Festool Systainers are made of highly durable, robust, premium quality ABS for extended service life. All of these Systainers share the same footprint for effortless stacking, storing, and transportation. Whether you need to buy a customizable Systainer, toolbox, or storage, when you pick Festool you can rest assured that it will boost your productivity and the work process will remain highly organized at the same time.

Explore the complete catalog of Festool Systainers available on Mister Worker™. We offer a wide range of Festool toolboxes, storage, and Systainers and ship them to your doorstep no matter where you live in this world. The Festool Systainer ZH-SYS-PS 420 is the best-selling product in this category which comes with five splinter guards, soft & hard base runner, StickFix baseplate, and angle table - making it 100% mobile and practical. It enables you to protect, store, and transport all machines, accessories, and consumables with ease. This best-selling Systainer offers Customised vehicle equipment integration - allowing you to integrate the Systainer into bott vario3 transportation equipment. 

The Festool Systainer 3 HWZ M 337 is perfect for carpenters and joiners - enabling them to combine workshops and construction sites to achieve outstanding results more quickly & effortlessly. The Systainer 3 comes with an arranged & structured wooden insert - enabling joiners or carpenters to have a clear arrangement of all hand tools & accessories. This Systainer is designed to help you connect one Systainer to another and other generations as well. You can access the content any time, without requiring you to disconnect them first. It comes with an adjustable legs dimension of 396 mm length, 296 mm width, and 337 mm high - making it 100% mobile for easy transportation. 

With two pivoting top compartments, the Festool Storage SYS-ToolBox offers a particularly well-organized storage box - enabling you to organize small parts, for example, dowels, different types screws, drill bits, or jigsaw blades. It features a highly transparent lid that allows you to identify which parts are inside and which parts are not. The Festool SYS storage box comes with individually detachable plastic containers - making it easy to connect and disconnect the Systainer. 

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