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FESTOOL Cordless jigsaws

Browse our online catalogue of Festool Cordless Jigsaws. Interested in a Corded Jigsaw by Festool? Check them out here.

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What Is Great About Festool cordless jigsaw & Carvex Jigsaw?

Festool jigsaw is a cordless tool that has changed the way things work in the cutting, notching, curving, and trimming of different wood materials. Cutting, beveling, and shaping of wood has never been easier, faster, and efficient. The Festool cordless jigsaws are the ideal choice for professionals who need to curve woods precisely and effortlessly. It is a versatile and robust cordless tool that lets you avoid the trouble of cutting material mistakenly - meaning your work will be more accurate & flawless. These cordless jigsaws have a splinter guard to make sure your work is done neatly without repeating anything.

These tailor-made cordless jigsaws come with a soft grip and ergonomic design - enabling you to handle it with ease and get many more works done. Whether you need to purchase a cordless jigsaw or carvex jigsaw, when you pick the Festool jigsaw you can rest assured that your projects will be done quickly & precisely with its powerful cutting stroke. The Festool cordless jigsaws are ideal for trimming furniture, cutting circles, and curving workpieces - while enabling you to transport it effortlessly with its seamlessly integrated bott vehicle kit. With a weight of not more than 600 grams, the Li-HighPower battery makes the jigsaw 20% lighter plus 50% more compact than any other cordless jigsaws. 

Explore a wide range of Festool power tools & accessories on Mister Worker™. We offer the complete catalog of Festool cordless jigsaws and export them worldwide. The Festool jigsaw 420 HPC 4,0AH EBI-SET CARVEX is one of the best-selling jigsaws in this category. It comes with a 20-millimeter cutting depth in metal, 10-millimeter cutting depth in soft steel materials, and 120-millimeter cutting depth in wood - enabling you to cut materials with a high standard of precision & accuracy. The Festool cordless jigsaws set 420 HPC 4 feature CLEANTEC portable dust extractor - making dust extraction even more convenient. The pendulum jigsaw also has integrated bott transportation equipment - enabling you to carry it throughout the workshop and Jobsite. 

The Festool Carvex PS 420 EB-Basic is another best-selling product that offers a triple saw blade guide for excellent curve handling. The saw blade changing system allows you to adjust or change the saw blade easily within seconds. It has a stroboscope lights system that lets you scribe any visible marks for more powerful extraction. It comes with a powerful 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery pack that allows you to work continuously without disruption and saves work time by around 50%. The medium-duty Festool PSBC 420 HPC 4.0 EBI-PLUS is a perfect tool for handling at any sort of radius because of its powerful cutting stroke. It features an on/off switch on both sides - you can turn it off or restart whenever required which means that it is easier to use and it saves time while working on any large workshop or Jobsite. It features a soft grip and ergonomic design which gives you more comfort and prevents the risk of slipping when working. 

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