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Festool Table Saws - Taking the Wood Sawing Technology to the Next level!

When it comes to making repeatable cuts quickly and accurately, the Festool table saws are the ideal tools for professional carpentry projects. These corded table saws allow you to carry out accurate and precise work using straight cuts, reproducible angled cuts, and miter cuts. The Festool CMS table saw comes with innovations like its extendable table, tilting saw blades, dust extractors, and many other innovations that make wood sawing convenient, fast, and enjoyable. A feature that is worthy of note is portability - allowing you to move your saw effortlessly & quickly throughout the Jobsite. 

These custom-made table saws are perfect for professionals who want to achieve precise and accurate wood sawing and cutting with ease and in the shortest possible time. With Festool table saws, you can make hidden cuts, cross cuts, precise cuts, and angle cuts using retractable space wedges and tilting saw blades. The advancement & innovation of Festool corded table saws makes it possible for you to change the blades with ease without using any tools - while saving time and boosting productivity. The Festool TKS saws feature a high-quality dust extraction set that removes dust from wood surfaces, enabling you to maintain a cleaner and safer work environment. The flexibility in their multifunction handle helps in making cutting simpler and more comfortable. 

Explore the broad range of corded & cordless tools, accessories, and equipment on Mister Worker™. We offer the complete category of Festool corded table saws and export them all over the world. The Festool CS 50 EBG PRECISIO and the Trimming Saw CS 70 EBG-SET PRECISIO are the best-selling products in this category. The Festool CS 50 is portable and highly robust, enabling you to use its one handle to perform many functions and let you change from crosscut to rip cut using the angle stop quickly and effortlessly. 

On the other hand, the Festool CS 70 is large, powerful, and features laid out, well-positioned controlling elements - making it a more convenient tool that anyone would enjoy using. With this premium quality table saw, you can make splinter-free cuts and can cut on both sides. It comes with a 2100 watt universal motor & 70-millimeter cutting depth - enabling you for more precise & powerful cutting. 

When it comes to performing heavy wood sawing jobs, it's obvious that safety will be a top concern to you. With the Festool TKS 80 EBS-SET, you can cut materials to a height of 80mm without any risk of injury. It comes with Responsive Saw-Stop AIM technology to prevent any unexpected injuries when you are working on non-conductive material. The TKS 80 table saw is designed & manufactured with circular blades, an angle stop, a workpiece holder, an extendable work surface, and a tool garage that boosts its flexibility and space management.

If you are looking for more corded power tools or cordless power tools manufactured by Festool, browse the complete catalog of Drill Bits, Dust Extraction, and site equipment for sale on Mister Worker™.