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Festool Corded Saws - the Gold Standard of Precision, Reliability, and Performance

The precision of the Festool track saws make it worth every dollar when it comes to the quality of your work. The Festool plunge saw is designed and manufactured to the highest engineering standards to deliver outstanding performance, robust longevity, and uncompromising operator safety in even the most demanding of construction environments. Festool track saws are the ideal option when you have to move less weight on the Jobsite.

Regardless of the specific construction task at hand, the Festool rail saw offers a model specifically tailored to maximize efficiency, ease-of-use, and operator safety. When it comes to working with laser precision, Festool corded track saws are the perfect choice for professionals who need to work with materials such as hardwood, chipboard, and parquet flooring. If you want to achieve perfectly straight plus splinter-free cuts, the Festool plunge saws are the best choice for you. 

Browse the comprehensive catalog of Festool corded saws available on Mister Worker™. Being an official distributor of Festool, we offer a broad array of corded saws and ship them worldwide. The Festool TS 55 CAMP-SET is one of the best-selling products in this category. It features a compact slim-line housing design, allowing cuts to make as close as 12 mm to the wall. The Festool 55 also offers a flexible angle adjustment ranging between -1 and 47°, allowing the operator to meet even the most exacting of specifications. The materials such as chipboard, plasterboard, and parquet flooring can be cut and shaped with surgical precision using the Festool TS 55, whose razor-sharp 160 mm diameter blade slices to a material depth of 55 mm with ease.

The Festool TS 55 REBQ sets the benchmark for its precise plunge cuts. The lightweight, smooth operation, and mm precision of the Festool 55 makes your daily work faster, smoother, and more enjoyable. It delivers flawless finishes that meet and exceed even the most demanding specifications. Therefore it is a perfect choice for construction projects in which the highest industry standards must be maintained. 

The robust Festool TS 75 EBQ-PLUS-FS generates 1600 W of slicing power and features a 210 mm blade diameter that can be rapidly interchanged with the proprietary Fast-Fix design, multilayered boards, and conservatory profiles. The Festool TS 75 ensures the operator safety with its sliding clutch and kickback stop features, along with a quick-acting brake system to instantly stop the cutting blade when required. Whether you select the Festool TS 55 or the Festool TS 75, you can rest assured that your construction tasks will be completed to the highest industry standards, and right on schedule. 

If you are looking for other tools designed & manufactured by Festool, browse the complete catalog of corded power tools, power tool accessories, site equipment, dust extraction, drill bits, and many other tools & accessories.