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Why Are The Festool Kapex & Corded Miter Saws in such High Demand?

The Festool Kapex, one of the best miter saws on the market, is a revolutionary wood-cutting power tool used for making quick, precise crosscuts in a workpiece, at a preferred angle. The Festool miter saws are designed & manufactured to make angled cuts for molding wood, trim work, framing roof, and many other common carpentry applications. These tailored-made kapex miter saws are the perfect choice for carpenters & other professionals who are looking for tools that allow them to get their job done in less time and with ease. Most of the Festool miter saws come with different blade sizes ranging from 200 to 300 millimeters (8 to 12 inches) which makes them very easy to move throughout the Jobsite. 

The Kapexes are the most advanced sliding miter saws on the market, for making cuts that emulate the finest trim work. The Festool kapex saws cut two angles, both across the depth and the width of the subject concurrently. These corded saws, as compared to cordless saws, have longer run times and are more powerful, with large diameter blades that cut wider and thicker stocks compared to other saws with smaller blades. 

Explore the complete catalog of tools, accessories & equipment on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Festool corded miter saws and export them all over the world. The Festool kapex KS 120 REB-SET-MFT is one of the best-selling products in this corded miter saw category. The Festool kapex 120 features large extension tables which provide more stability and a big footprint with the dust collection system. This kapex 120 REB comes with a magnetic brake that reduces the spin time of the blade. In addition, it has an adjustable dual-line laser and provides you a perfect line to cut the material along it. 

These premium quality miter saws offer a wide range of cutting capacities and allow the blade to move back and forth to cut large pieces of wood or plastic. The kapex ks 120 REB-SET-MFT comes with a 120 mm cutting depth which allows you to cut skirting boards swiftly, safely, and accurately. It enables you to adjust the miter angle with ease and lets you make micro-adjustments using a rotary knob in front of the saw. Moreover, the Festool kapex 120 has a dual-line laser to make it easier to cut materials more precisely and accurately. 

Another best-selling product in this category is the Festool KS 60 E KAPEX which has a compact and lightweight design of 17.80kg, making it ideal for mobility. It offers a bevel angle of up to 46-47 degrees, panels up to 305 60mm and a miter angle of 60 degrees on both sides. The kapex KS 60 E-SET features a LED spotlight to show the cutting lines precisely, helping to cut materials without compromising the level of accuracy required. The Festool kapex KS 60 E-UG-SET/XL has a power consumption of 1200W and a saw blade diameter of 216mm thickness. Its main capacity is the trimming of any non-ferrous metal such as aluminum. It helps you to cut beams and boards up to 60 mm thick and square timber of 88mm thickness. 

If you are looking for more tools, accessories & equipment manufactured by Festool, browse the complete catalog of corded circular saws, corded saws, corded table saws, and corded mixers for sale on Mister Worker™.