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FESTOOL Corded long-reach sanders

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Why Should You Buy Festool Long-Reach Sanders on Mister Worker™?

Sanding interior walls and ceilings was never quick and easy until the Festool long-reach sanders were produced. The Festool Planex sander reduces Jobsite clean-up while enabling you to work in a cleaner & more streamlined working environment. The Festool long reach Sanders are the ideal choice when you need to save countless hours on groundwork and cleanup - as it allows you to sand walls and ceilings more smoothly & efficiently. With its built-in LED light, you can detect anything that is not level or smooth while you are sanding walls or ceilings. With sanding pads, the Festool long-reach sanders can ensure smooth surfaces with less effort and time.

These tailor-made long-reach sanders are perfect for professional painters and interior designers who are looking to boost work efficiency and productivity. Whether you need to buy corded long-reach sanders or cordless sanders, the German-engineered Festool Planex system allows you to complete your work quickly with professionalism and accuracy. When it comes to leveling walls, processing plaster filler, and ceilings, Festool sanders come in handy by allowing you to reach higher spaces with ease. These long-reach sanders help you spend less time moving around and setting up the ladders while achieving a highly balanced & finished surface. 

Discover the complete catalog of Festool corded & cordless power tools available on Mister Worker™. We offer a wide range of long-reach sanders, corded belt sanders and deliver them worldwide. The Festools Sander LHS 2 225 EQI-PLUS is one of the best-selling long-reach sanders in this category. The Festool Planex sanders come with an integrated LED light which ensures optimal visibility and allows you to detect any uneven areas. It also features a 220-millimeter interchangeable sanding pad and an ergonomic T- handle that makes working on walls and ceilings effortless and more productive. As a drywall sander, the Festool Planex 2 is an excellent tool that offers highly effective performance, exceptional dust collection, and ergonomics that is almost impossible to beat.

The Festool Planex LHS 225 EQ PLUS/SW features adjustable suction power that decreases the perceived weight of the sander and makes it more convenient to move throughout the workplace. The Festool sander 225 offers two-speed gears for more efficient and rapid material removal on interior walls and ceiling. With Festool 225 sanders, you can reach up to 1.65m in length - allowing you to work without strain. When it comes to picking the best long-reach sanders, the Planex LHS 2 225/CTM 36-SET comes in handy because of its versatility & portability. It is pretty simple and remarkably stable in use, with measurably fewer tooling times that save up to 50% compared to other stationary machines. The Planex 2 225 offers a robust brushless EC motor and 4 mm sanding stroke - making it long-lasting, easy to use, and maintenance-free. 

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