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FESTOOL Air tools

Best Festool Air Tools - Let the Air Do the Work for You!

Festool air tools are becoming more and more popular as many professional woodworkers appreciate their well-thought-out design and functionality. Equipping a workshop with a compressed air supply system such as a Festool air compressor is always a worthwhile investment when you need to carry out sanding work regularly for long periods. Festool pneumatic sander is the ideal choice for those who are looking to complete their job faster and save money at the same time. Unlike most compressed air sanders, Festool air sanders are unbeatable because of their low operating noise level. 

With a service life of up to five times more than that of conventional electric power tools, Festool air tools ensure that your work is economical, high quality, and reliable. Festool air compressors open up new fields of applications like sanding in areas where the risk of explosion is high since you cannot use electronic power tools in such areas. Whether you are looking for full-surface sanding, fine sanding, interim paint sanding, coarse sanding, or final sanding - choosing Festool air sanders, you can rest assured that you can do everything with less effort and time. 

Discover the complete range of Festool pneumatic air tools on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Festool air sanders and deliver them worldwide. The Festool pneumatic air orbital sander LEX 3 125/3 is one of the best-selling products in this category which comes with a low compressed air consumption system, low vibration levels, and pleasant operating noise. Festool manufactured it with an extremely sturdy design that ensures a longer service life, high-cost savings, and minimal servicing requirements. 

It simplifies your permanent dust extraction, guarantees the best performance, and protects your safety when joined with the IAS 3 light hose. With its world-class FUSION-TEC sanding pad and MULTI-Jetstream principle, you can ensure maximum dust extraction, reduce rework, and save on overall costs. It has a fine 3 mm sanding stroke that produces an accurate and high-quality sanding finish. The sanding pad brake of the Festool air sander LEX 3 125/3 reduces sanding errors while setting down the machine, thereby evading rework and additional costs. 

Another best-selling product in this category is the Festool air orbital sander LRS 400, which comes with an 80 x 400 mm sanding pad StickFix, 4 mm sanding stroke, 2.1 kg weight, 6 bar operating pressure, and 390 l/min rated load air consumption. It is the perfect choice for those who need a long sander for large surfaces. The LRS 400 air sander is a lightweight and handy tool that offers high material removal rate on large and flat surfaces. With its highly effective dust extraction, soft-grip handle, and reduced vibrations, you can work faster with maximum comfort. 

To learn more about Festool tools, power tools accessories, or equipment, browse the complete catalog of Festool abrasives and polishing, batteries and chargers, blades, cutting discs and cutters, clothing and merchandisingcorded power toolscordless power tools, drill bits, dust extraction, illumination, power tool accessories, and site equipment available for sale on Mister Worker™.