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FESTOOL Abrasives and polishing

What Is Great About Festool Abrasives And Polishing?

The demand for Festool abrasives in grinding and polishing applications is growing more and more in numerous end-use industries. Professional workers praise Festool sandpaper abrasives more than other abrasive products for durability, high performance, reliability, and versatility. Festool Granat Net is ideal for machining materials that generate large quantities of dust. The open net structure of the Festool Granat abrasive enables you to extract dust across the whole surface – for a more clean working environment, a higher material removal capability, and longer service life. These custom-made Festool sandpaper abrasives are the ideal choice for those who are looking for the most enduring, high-tear resistance, excellent edge stability, and highest performing abrasive. 

Festool polishing products are perfectly suitable for almost all applications such as bare wood, most advanced paint systems, VOC clear coats, synthetic materials, hard surface materials, acrylic textile fiber, and composites. Whether you are looking for abrasive brush pads, meshes, papers, rolls, or sanding discs, choosing Festool abrasives, you can rest assured that you will work more efficiently and effortlessly.

Explore the complete range of Festool abrasives and polishing products available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Festool sandpaper, polishing, granat net, and sanding discs and deliver them globally. Our complete catalog of Festool abrasives and polishing includes; abrasive brush pads, abrasive brushes, abrasive sheets, abrasive discs, abrasive meshes, abrasive papers, abrasive rolls, felt for polishing, sponges for polishing, and sanding pads. Festool sanding discs are designed and manufactured to shed wood fibers fast and stop clogging of the abrasive surface - leading to a longer life of the sanding pad and a quicker removal rate. The Festool sanding discs 150mm is one of the best-selling products in this category. It comes with P40 grit and 150mm diameter - making it perfect for paintwork, carpenters, painters, woodworking, and oiling for joiners. 

Festool RAP 150 - 21 FE-SET Wood Shinex Rotary Polisher is another best-selling product that comes with 1200 watts of horsepower and an idle engine speed of 900 - 2100 min - enabling you to work for longer with its ergonomic handling and lightweight feature. It allows you to gain control over the most demanding polishing applications effortlessly. The Festool RAP 150 is the universal finishing set for polishing the most popular clear coats - enabling you to work on even awkward, curved spots where a higher coverage capacity is needed. The Festool Rubin 2 Abrasive Sheet STF 93X178/8 is the ultimate abrasive solution for all types of wood applications. It is designed for fast and effortless grit progression - while virtually removing swirl marks. With a 30% faster removal rate, the Festool Rubin 2 sheds wood fibers quickly to reduce clogging and heat buildup. 

To learn more about Festool power tools, accessories, and equipment, browse the complete catalog of batteries and chargers, blades, cutting discs, and cutters, corded power tools, cordless power tools, special offers, power tool accessories, site equipment, drill bits, and dust extraction available for sale on Mister Worker™.