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Suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, FACOM hand tools are known at European level for their high quality and their excellent quality / price ratio. Mister Worker offers you the chance to try them at an exceptional price.

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Special Pricing and Promotions on FACOM Hand Tools

All FACOM tools on offer are selected with the greatest care in the catalogue, to allow you to try different products among the selection with discounts up to 40% and over. Let's see some examples of this unmissable FACOM offer.

Offers on Professional Products

When working in contact with electricity, you need to equip yourself with professional insulated tools so as not to put your health and life at risk. The FACOM 1000V polygonal key is insulated up to 1000V and is orange, which according to the color code of the insulation means "safety". It is an indispensable tool for anyone working in the field of electrical engineering: it is perfectly resistant to wear and intensive use and is one of the best insulated keys on the market: you cannot miss the chance to try it at a special price.

Fluorescent tools are ideal when working in dark or low light situations. The FACOM Fluorescent Combination Pliers are very sharp, suitable for cutting any type of wire in a clear way, from the harmonic wire to the soft threads in modern materials. The large lever arm and the displaced axis allow precise cutting with minimum effort, while the molybdenum vanadium steel with which they are manufactured guarantees maximum tool longevity. The sheaths of the handles are ergonomic and made of highly resistant material, even to chemicals.

Prices and Opportunities of Wrenches, Pliers, Cutters and More Tools

The FACOM micromechanical fork wrench has a short handle and a thin head, designed to be used even in very small spaces. The heads are both inclined 15 °, to allow their use even in the presence of obstacles or with a finger under the head. It is made of chromed and satin-finished steel, very resistant to both wear and rust: a manual tool that every professional should have in his toolbox.

The Non-Sparking Combination Wrench is made of copper and beryllium, and it is anti-deflagrant and anti-magnetic, ideal for use in high-risk locations such as oil rigs. It is an indispensable manual tool for those who work in situations where even only a spark can be fatal: this combination key, in fact, is produced specifically to cause cold sparks that do not cause explosions or fires.

What Mister Worker proposes is an unmissable offer: take advantage now to buy the best FACOM hand tools with a special price! If you need more details about the products or if you need help to buy, contact our customer care team: we will be happy to give you a hand.