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Keys by FACOM

In this section of Mister Worker™ you can find the entire catalogue of keys, including hexagon keys, male keys, long and short metric keys, tee wrenches with sliding bar, ringsets and much more!

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Hex keys are the perfect hand tool for driving bolts and screws with an hexagonal socket because they’re small and they feature hexagonal shaped tips: thanks to its six pressure points, the user will be able to grip the screw easily, efficiently and with minimum fatigue. In this section you can find Facom’s range of male keys, spinner hexagon keys and spherical head spinner hexagon keys.  The comprehensive range of Facom hex keys is characterized by being made of strong and durable materials, that guarantee a safe and precise use and, at the same time, preserve the hardness of the key.

If you are looking for an excellent set of male keys, we suggest the discounted set 82H.JP8AU, which contains 9 bent short male hex keys, that come in a compact foldable stand that allows a quick selection of the desired size. The easy lock system sleeve allows the full access to each key and avoids the risk of losing keys. Such hex keys are also available in stainless steel.
If you’re looking for a very compact and portable tool that fulfils this function, we suggest you have a look at Facom’s Hexagon Torx® keys on sleeve 86H.JE7A.

These tools are also available with a “P” or a “T” handle. For what concerns the first type, one of the best sellers is the 84TZSA.10 “P” handled hex key with ball end, available in different models. The main feature of these tools is the P handle, that makes it easier to apply more torque; moreover, its spherical head allows fast screwing up to 30° angle.
Finally, check out the 84TC.JE5 set of 5 “T” spinner hexagon keys, currently discounted. Its T handle allows a faster turning and a “lever arm” effect than a normal hexagon key and provides easy access to screws requiring depth: for these reasons, such a tool is particularly suited for motorbike repair, auto assembly and industrial maintenance tasks.

If you want to find out more about Facom’s hexagon spinner keys, sliding T keys or handled hex keys, do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer to your request as soon as possible!