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Pullers by FACOM

Discover the complete catalogue of FACOM pullers on Mister Worker™: mechanical pullers, hydraulic pullers, bearing pullers, slide hammers, separators, beam pullers, nut splitters and tool sets at the best prices. Contact us to request a custom quote, we ship FACOM tools worldwide.

Are you looking for a puller and you do not know which one to choose? Take a look on Mister Worker™: in our catalog there are several models of Facom pullers, reliable and resistant tools that will satisfy all your work needs. In fact, FACOM offers a choice of ninety pullers for all types of components.

FACOM puller guide: How to choose the right puller?

When choosing a puller, take into consideration the following factors. What is the component to be removed? Is it a bearing, a pulley, a stud or a nut? What is the diameter of the piece you need to remove? Are you going to grip the component from the outside or the inside? Is a special grip needed?
The answers to these questions will help guide you in the choice of the right FACOM puller for you needs.

Mechanical pullers, hydraulic jacks and pullers, bearing pullers, nut splitters, separators and beam pullers: in the FACOM catalog you can find all these work tools useful for removing damaged nuts, rusty screws and jammed parts, without risk of further damage. FACOM pullers are designed to resist wear and intensive use, and are very easy to use: minimum effort, maximum performance!

If you are looking for a versatile tool, FACOM U.306/310 pullers are practical and efficient professional tools that cover about 80% of common applications. In fact, this system can perform all routine mechanical engineering pulling operations after being properly configured with the correct accessories. This tool also allows for easy leg changes and it is easy to use thanks to its self-gripping and self-centering functions. Click here to shop FACOM U.306 - Outside pullers and FACOM U.310 - Outside pullers at a special price.

One of the most reliable and resistant pullers available in the catalog is the Facom U.20B puller for external grippers with long jaws. It is equipped with 3 spare pins and anti-rotation ring, which protects the screw when using a bar to prevent the puller from rotating. The screw is equipped with an effort limiter: if the permitted torque is exceeded, the plug will break. In addition, it has a locking system of the jaws in position on the bearing with the help of the central nut, so that the extractor does not inadvertently escape from the bearing.

Buy online FACOM bearing pullers and sets at the best price

The FACOM catalogue also offers a wide range of bearing pullers. For example, FACOM U.23 pullers are suited to cage-type ball bearings and are available in three models: a Micro-engineering puller kit (U.23J1A), a Light engineering puller kit (U.23J2) and a General engineering puller kit (U.23J3). For inside grip, check out the U.51 pullers by FACOM, supplied in a plastic case with 15 tips.

If you want to buy an extractor online, choose FACOM pullers and buy them on Mister Worker™: all products in the catalog are covered by the official FACOM warranty, and our customer service is at your disposal to help you and advise you during the purchasing process. Simply send us an email at [email protected]: we will get back to you as soon as possible.