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Plumbing, clamps, riveting by FACOM

Looking for new hydraulics work equipment online? Do you need a new riveting machine? In the Mister Worker™ catalog you will find what you need: we have ready for delivery the whole range of Facom tools, all covered by the official manufacturer warranty.

Buy Online FACOM Personal Equipment: Professional Clothing and Personal Protection Equipment

The FACOM catalogue offers a selection of gloves to protect you against mechanical hazards, such as cuts and abrasions, chemical hazards and electrical hazards. For example, FACOM BC.VSE - Insulated gloves are natural latex gloves with AZM classification, while FACOM BC.VSE - Safety overgloves are silicon coated leather gloves that are suitable to protect latex insulated gloves from mechanical risks. In the category dedicated to personal protection equipment you will also find FACOMinsulated mats, wrap-around protection glasses, knee pads and clothing pieces, such as polo shirts, softshells, hoodies, trousers, overalls, body warmers and shoes.

FACOM maintenance tools for sale: pipework tools, vices, presses, G-clamps, riveting pliers lubrification tools

For every professional it is essential to have a specific and high quality work equipment that allows him to work in peace without too much effort. On Mister Worker™ you can find all the FACOM hydraulic tools you need to do your job, as well as wrecking bars, lubrication tools, vises, clamps, and riveting pliers.

FACOM offers a wide range of pipework tools, including pipework wrenches, such as FACOM 131A – Steel Stillson models, a robust wrench with a capacity of 0 to 102 mm, FACOM 134A – Cast-iron American model pipe wrenches, with interchangeable fixed jaw and a capacity from 0 to 140 mm. In this section you can also shop chain and strap wrenches, for example FACOM 138A – Nylon strap wrenches with a capacity of 0 to 165 mm.

An example of what you can find among the wide selection of FACOM tools available on Mister Worker™? The FACOM Y.104 Endurance riveter and the FACOM Y.113B Expander riveting pliers, both highly professional and durable tools. The first is an "endurance" riveter, which is sold with 3 nosepieces and a locking key and is equipped with a new nose with a specific insert for long life and a return spring. The second is an expanding riveter, a model sold with 5 nosepieces and suitable for intensive use, especially on worksites.

If you want professional and reliable work tools, choose FACOM tools: the entire FACOM catalog is available on Mister Worker™, all ready for express delivery. If you need help with the purchase or want more information on FACOM tools on our site, email us at [email protected]: our customer service will help you as soon as possible.