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Pliers and cutters by FACOM

If you are looking for Facom pliers and nippers, Mister Worker™ is the right place. In the catalog you can find flat-nose pliers, round and half-round pliers, self-locking pliers, pincers, nippers, universal pliers, pliers for elastic rings, adjustable pliers and set of pliers.

Buying forceps and nippers online is not easy, since there are many different models and you have to choose carefully the features you need for the work you need to do. In the Mister Worker™ catalog you have a wide selection of grippers, each with specific characteristics and ideal for certain operations.

For example, on Mr. Worker™ you can find the Facom 195LA extra long pliers, useful ally for working in difficult to access places: the double articulation and the refined profile, in fact, allow to reach difficult areas even with only one hand, and the striated beaks get a good hook. The ergonomic grip greatly facilitates the grip, making it comfortable to use for a long time, and the 45 ° vomit greatly improves accessibility.

In the category of nippers, however, you will find among others the diagonal cutting Facom 391 nipper for electricians: it has a thin head that improves the maneuverability in difficult accesses, such as when performing wiring work, and the satin half cutting edges are ideal for cutting cleanly. and precise all the wires, hard or thin. It is equipped with a large lever arm and has the axis moved, to give the possibility to cut easily with minimum effort. It is produced in chrome molybdenum vanadium steel, a material that gives great longevity to the tool; the ergonomic handle sheaths, on the other hand, are made of a material highly resistant to chemicals.

If you need help choosing the Facom cutter or cutter that best suits your needs, write to us at [email protected] explaining what you are looking for: our customer service will get back to you as soon as possible. If you need quick advice, call our experts on 02 9143 3257!