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Pliers and cutters by FACOM

If you are looking for FACOM pliers, end nippers and diagonal cutters, Mister Worker™ is the right place. In our catalog you can find circlip pliers and snap ring pliers, flat-nose pliers, round and half-round pliers, self-locking pliers, end nippers, diagonal cutters and pliers sets.

Discover the Complete Catalogue of FACOM Pliers online: FACOM Next Generation CPE Pliers

FACOM offers a wide range of professional tools, including a large variety of pliers, diagonal cutters and end nippers. These quality tools have been designed to support professionals who need reliable and durable hand tools in their daily activities. Recently, FACOM has introduced a new range of pliers with increased durability and longer life performance: CPE Pliers. This range includes diagonal cutters, combination pliers, flat-nose pliers, half-round nose pliers, round nose pliers and wire strippers. FACOM CPE pliers are made in France, they have a bi-material grip that can resist to industrial and automotive chemicals and is also comfortable on the hand thanks to its ergonomic. Some of the features that make these FACOM pliers and cutters special are the chrome plating, which provides high resistance against corrosion, the sculpted handle design that ensures a natural grip, the return spring that reduces the effort required from the user, the practical hanging hole. The best seller of this series is the combination plier 187A, available in four different measures. These pliers are made of high durability carbon alloy steel and they have induction hardened cutting edges.

FACOM Inside and outside circlips pliers, High-performance pliers and Snap-ring pliers for Sale

FACOM Circlip Pliers are packed with features! Their piano wire tips resist to deformation and have been reinforced to prevent breakage risks. The internal spring limits the risk of spring loss and, at the same time, protects the spring. The design of these circlip pliers has a slim line head and nose, the tips are also angled at 10 degrees to improve holding capacity. The handles are anti-slip, ensuring a firm hold during operations, and they are also ergonomic and easily cleaned. In the FACOM catalogue you can find straight nose and angled nose inside and outside circlip pliers, reversible circlip pliers, snap ring pliers and sets.

Mister Worker™ is an official distributor of FACOM hand tools: Buy Pliers and Cutters online, we ship worldwide, including to the US and the UK

Buying pliers, end nippers and diagonal cutters online is not easy, since there are many different models and you have to choose carefully the features you need for the work you need to carry out. In the Mister Worker™ catalog you have a wide selection of pliers, each with specific characteristics and ideal for certain operations.

For example, on Mr. Worker™ you can find the Facom 195LA extra long pliers, useful ally for working in difficult to access places: the double articulation and the refined profile, in fact, allow to reach difficult areas even with one hand, and the striated beaks get a good hook. The ergonomic grip greatly facilitates the grip, making it comfortable to use for a long time, and the 45° angle greatly improves accessibility.

If you need help choosing Facom pliers, end nippers, cutters or set that best suits your needs, write to us at [email protected] explaining what you are looking for: our customer service will get back to you as soon as possible. Mister Worker™ is an official FACOM distributor: we ship FACOM tools wherever you are in the world.