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Hammers and demolition by FACOM

Do you need new hammers, chisels, punches and nails? On Mister Worker™ the full range of Facom club hammers and hammers with a wood or graphite handle; this is not all: have a look at our amazing cape chisels and assortments of nails and drift punches, available for immediate delivery!

Facom Hammers and Chisels For Sale

Hammers and chisels are widely used and known work tools, as they are used for a large number of different purposes. In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find the complete range of Facom club hammers and hammers with wood or graphite handle so that you can select the right hammer for the job that you have to carry out.
For example, for light demolition work or for the driving of masonry nails you should use a
club hammer: the tools included in the Facom range 212A, for example, are dead-blow hammers with interchangeable tips, perfect for such operations thanks to its light weight and short handle in PVC. equipped with adjustable rotating cable that preserves the ergonomics of the tool, has a comfortable and resistant fiberglass handle with a PVC handle, the body is in steel and the finish is in black epoxy resin. The dowels are made of shore hardness D74 ± 5 ​​nylon and can be easily replaced.

The main advantage of hammers with graphite handle, such as the Facom
205C.100 graphite handle engineers hammer, are recommended for their durability and resistance to shocks. When it comes to chisels, within Facom’s range there are also many interesting products at special prices and available for immediate delivery worldwide, such as cape chisels, ribbed chisels or chisels with guard. If you need tools to carve or cut a hard material such as wood or metal, we strongly suggest you purchase an assortment of chisels such as the Facom 263.265JS5, that contains a set of cape chisels with constant profile.

Drift Punches and Nail Sets by Facom

Are you looking for sheathed drift punches, nail sets, sheathed chisels or centre punches? Within Facom’s catalogue you can find everything you need, and you can purchase both a single punch and practical impact tool sets.
We suggest you check out Facom’s range of punches: for example the
249.G sheathed drift punches with a long shank and an ergonomically designed anti-roll sheath which makes the easier to hold and provides greater accuracy. Such tools are also available in a set containing 5 or more sheathed impact tools, in particular drift punches and nail sets in different dimensions. Another really interesting product is Facom’s sheathed automatic centre punch, a versatile tool that allows you to release the spring impact by simply pressing the end of the tool.

Have a look at our assortment of Facom tools: they’re all covered by the official Facom warranty.
If you you need additional information regarding any of the products included in our catalogue of work tools online, do not hesitate to contact us!