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Explosion - proof tools by FACOM

In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find the full range of Facom spark-proof hand tools, designed to be used safely in areas at high risk of fire or explosion.

The Facom explosion-proof tools have the whole body made of metals with less strength and resistance, capable of generating cold sparks with a low level of heat that can not ignite any substance. These are therefore softer hand tools that are consumed faster, but which guarantee maximum safety for those working in hazardous areas such as oil tankers.

On Mr. Worker™ you will find a wide range of Facom anti-spark tools: screwdrivers, male keys, operating keys, ratchets, bushes, pipe wrenches, files, saws, hammers, chisels, pliers and nippers. An example? The Facom 202HSR non-sparking hammer with round head: the head is made of a special anti-explosive and anti-magnetic copper-beryllium alloy, with a particular design without sharp corners to completely eliminate the risk of sparks, and the handle is made of wood which, unlike some handles made of a plastic material, it completely avoids the production of sparks.

All Facom non-sparking tools in the Mister Worker™ catalog comply with regulations to be used in locations where the atmosphere is at high risk of explosion and are Explosion Proof Protected, ie treated to be anti-deflagrant. If you need to buy flameproof work equipment and want a personalized quote, write to [email protected]: we will reply as soon as possible with an ad hoc quotation that meets your needs.