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Electrician and insulated tools by FACOM

In the FACOM catalog you will find the best electrician tools. Buy online a wide range 1000V insulated screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, sockets, pliers and cutters to work safely on live components. The FACOM offer for electricians also includes cable-sheath strippers and wire strippers, crimping pliers, wiring tools, testers and thermometers.

FACOM VSE: 1000V Insulated Tools for Sale

In the FACOM catalogue you can find a wide range of insulated tools for use on live components. The electrician insulated tools of the VSE line have a safety colour coding: their handles are bright orange, when the yellow layer becomes visible it is an indication that you should replace the tool you are using to work safely. These FACOM tools pass different tests, such as dielectric test, penetration test, insulation adhesion test, non-flammability test and impact test, to make sure that the tools you use are of the best quality and are in compliant with EN60900 specifications.

As an example of the wide range of 1000V insulated tools included in the FACOM catalog, check out the category 1000v insulated pliers & cutters. This section includes several insulated pliers of the 1000V series: mutigrip pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, combination pliers, grip pliers, wire strippers and cable cutters.

FACOM Protwist 1000V Insulated Screwdrivers and Sets

If you work in the field of electrical engineering, you will surely know that it is essential to have a specific work equipment, choosing the tools to be used in a timely manner: they must be insulated and produced with materials suitable for use in delicate situations. Every electrician must have in his toolbox a series of measuring instruments and insulated professional tools, safe and certified, which allow him to do his job in complete safety.

The FACOM catalogue offers a wide range of insulated screwdrivers for electricians in its VE series of 1000V insulated tools. For example, you can find at a special price the set of 8 Facom AB.J8TVE screwdrivers for mixed screws: each of these screwdrivers is individually tested at 10000 V for 10 seconds at the end of the manufacturing cycle, to ensure maximum safety during the use. They have a round blade covered with an insulating sheath up to 1000 V and an ergonomic two-material handle resistant to impact, abrasion and chemicals.

Electrician Tools by FACOM: wire strippers, crimping pliers, wiring tools, testers and thermometers

Are you an electrician or you need to perform electrical work? FACOM offers a wide range of professional electrician tools at the best price. 

For the cable-sheath strippers category we recommend you to check out FACOM multifunction trigger sheath stripper (872271). This electrician tool makes sheath stripping easier as it requires 30% less effort thanks to its trigger system. It also has a pivoting blade, which can be easily changed, and an ergonomic handle.

If you need a wire stripper, look at FACOM SWINGO automatic stripper (793936). This all-purpose stripper is useful both for cutting and stripping wires from 0.02 to 10 mm.

If you are an electrician or work in the field of electrical engineering, on Mister Worker™ you will find everything you need to enrich your work equipment. All FACOM electrician tools in our catalog are certified and pass strict safety tests, to give you the chance to work in complete safety. If you want to know more write us an email to [email protected].