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Cutting, drills and files by FACOM

In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find the complete range of cutting tools, tips and Facom files: they’re all very useful and versatile cutting work tools, such as cable cutters and scissors,  suitable for a multitude of uses, perfect especially if you need to renew your work equipment with new work tools for cutting and filing.

High-Quality Cutting Tools by Facom: Cable Cutters, Scissors, Shears and much more!

Tools for cutting such as cable cutters, scissors and shears are really common tools that any professional hand worker should have in his toolbox, as they can be useful in a wide variety of occasions. On Mister Worker™ you can find some of the best cutting tools designed by a market leader in the tooling sector: Facom. Our catalogue includes a variety of hand tools for filing, drilling and cutting such as files, scrapers, cable cutters, knifes and much more!

Within the category of cable cutters, you can find steel cable cutters and ratchet cable cutters that will surely improve the quality of your cutting operations on round cables and soft/hard steel cables, thanks to their high-performance blades.
If you often find yourself having to cut cables of various types, you should choose from the series of 
Facom 412 cable cutters the perfect one for your needs. These cutters are suitable for heavy duty operations thanks to their powerful action. The 412 compact cable cutters available in various models with a maximum diameter capacity ranging from 10mm to 42mm: it has an integrated opening return spring, and a practical lock when it is in the closed position. It has a strong cutting power, to prevent electrical cables from deforming, and is resistant to wear and to intensive use. If, instead you would like to purchase a cutting tool for two hand operations, such as shears or bolt cutters, we recommend particularly the Facom 990.BF Axial cut bolt croppers, available in different dimensions. This tool is equipped with forged arms and high-performance chrome blades that ensure a more durable cut.

Facom Scissors, Files and Drilling Accessories

Facom also offers a range of versatile scissors, cutters and knives such as the 841A.9 multi-purpose scissors with stainless steel blades that ensure great cutting performance, precision and durability of the tool. Its ergonomic gripmakes it comfortable for right handers, ideal for cutting aluminium, rubber and leather upto 5 mm thickness.
Another good example of Facom products that ensure great cutting results is the 844.D Safety knife, equipped with a blade that automatically retracts after use.
Other really useful tools for maintenance applications are surely files and scrapers: an example is Facom CAR.B150EMA square bastard files with plastic handle, resistant to workshopliquids, that are specifically designed for roughing steel, cast iron, hard plastic and other materials.

Mister Worker Offers Technical Assistance, Custom Quotes and Shipment in the USA and UK

If you are looking for cutting tools characterized by high performance and durability, choose from the wide range of Facom cutting hand tools: you can find great cable cutters, scissors, shears and knives to renew your tool assortment, whether you’re a professional worker or a private user. In this section you can also find files, scrapers and drill bits: to renew your work tool assortment, choose Mister Worker™! All items included in our Facom online shopare covered by the official manufacturer's warranty and they’re available for immediate delivery all over the world. If you would like to receive more information or need assistance contact us: we offer technical assistance and personalized quotations.