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Automotive tools by FACOM

Do you work in a mechanical workshop and are you looking for new work equipment? On Mister Worker™ you will find all the specific Facom automotive tools for car-repair at a special price: hydraulic presses, lifters, battery testers, car boosters and much more.

In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find all the Facom work equipment that you can use if you work in the field of auto repair: specific tools for oil change, filters and candles, under-the-machine beds, exercise levers, tools for working on bodywork , brakes and engine, hydraulic presses, workshop lifts, battery testers, boosters and safety panels. Each product in the catalog is covered by the official Facom warranty, which protects the customer in case of malfunctions or defects.

For example, you can buy the Facom DL88 lifter for removal up to 500kg. It is equipped with a rubber pad, reversible fork and holes for the passage of a restraining chain and works at a minimum height of 1160 mm and a maximum height of 1960 mm. It is a professional tool that complies with the safety rules of the European Community, and is indispensable in any mechanical workshop.

If you want to renew your garage, choose the Facom work equipment! If you need to buy a large amount of professional tools, Mr. Worker™ gives you the opportunity to receive a personalized quote: just send an email to [email protected], writing what products you need and in what quantity; our team of experts will answer you as soon as possible, trying to meet your needs. For more information, call us on +39 02 9143 3257.