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Air tools and electrical tools by FACOM

Are you looking for pneumatic tools, air tools or electrical tools? On Mister Worker™ you can find a wide range of Facom pneumatic screwdrivers, drills, grinders, hammers and ratchets. Moreover, in this section you can buy a selection of electric tools, lamps and torches.

Facom Range of Pneumatic Drills, Pneumatic Screwdrivers, Saws, Sanders and Ratchets

The Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find a wide range of pneumatic tools: air-powered tools are really handy cause they’re lighter and smaller compared to electric tools. The main advantage of tools like pneumatic drills, pneumatic grinders or ratchets is that they pack the same amount of punch and, consequently, they deliver great results both when it comes to torque and RPM and they enable you to finish jobs faster and easier. Facom pneumatic sanders and screwdrivers, such as all other Facom air tools, are internationally known for their great performance, reliability and long service life.

The top selling tools in this category are surely pneumatic screwdrivers: between our top selling products, in fact, there are the NS.2500G and NS.3500, currently included in our special offers! Facom NS.3500G is a compact 1/2” impact wrench that achieves amazing torque performance. This professional tool, made with a magnesium housing that ensures durability, also features a trigger activated rechargeable LED light and an ergonomic soft grip handle that reduces vibration and provides greater comfort in use. Another great example is the Facom NS.3100G 1/2" Impact wrench in magnesium alloy (1600 NM): this innovative pneumatic screwdriver delivers amazing performance thanks to its double hammer mechanism.

FACOM Lamps and Torches

Facom is also well known for its workshop equipment, which of course includes lamps and torches. An example of a really appreciated work lamp is the Facom 777B.24F fluorescent inspection lamp: this tool is essential when you have to carry out operations in dark places, as it provides you with durable and powerful lighting.
If, instead, you need a more compact lighting solution, the perfect tool for your needs is the Facom 779.CRT compact rechargeable torch with adjustable light beam: this tool is supplied with a charger, a rechargeable li-ion battery and a protection pouch.

Mister Worker™ Provides you with Promotions and Worldwide Shipment

Mister Worker™ is a Facom official worldwide distributor: this means that whether you are in the USA, UK, in Thailand or anywhere else in the world you can purchase them safely on our website! If you’re looking for great deals on some of the best Facom tools, check out our section dedicated to Facom special offers, in which you can find great professional tools at discounted prices: the perfect opportunity for you to renew your work equipment! If, instead, you need to buy large quantities of Facom tools or you have questions, contact us: we offer technical assistance and personalized quotations.