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Air tools and electrical tools by FACOM

Are you looking for pneumatic tools or electric tools? On Mister Worker™ you can find a wide range of Facom power tools and air tools, as well as a series of specific accessories for air tools, lamps and torches.

The Mister Worker™ catalog includes electric screwdrivers and ratchets, pneumatic screwdrivers, pneumatic ratchets, sanding machines, air grinders and polishers, pneumatic hammers, pneumatic saws, pneumatic drills, lamps, torches and a wide range of Facom air tools accessories.

The top selling air tool in the catalog is the Facom VR.SZ300F2 1/2'' titanium pneumatic ratchet: it has a high performance engine that performs 350 rpm and applies a torque of 88 Nm, with a working pressure of 6 , 2 bars and an average air consumption of 106 liters per minute. The head is titanium and hermetic, to prevent dust from entering and thus ensure greater resistance; the ergonomic body is made of a two-component composite resistant to acids and solvents. It has the ability to lock the compass with a button, and has a ring of direction inversion near the handle, to make the operation simple and fast.

Mr. Worker™ gives you the opportunity to try the Facom pneumatic tools at exceptional prices: discover the Facom special offers now and take the opportunity to renew your work equipment! If, instead, you need to buy large quantities of Facom tools, send us an email to [email protected] to request a personalized quote. And again, for any questions or questions call us at +39 02 9143 3257: our customer service is at your disposal!