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Waterproof cases - Military by EXPLORER CASES

Working in the military sector requires carefully chosen tool cases: they must be resistant, indestructible and made from the high quality material.

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Waterproof cases - Military EXPLORER CASES

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All tool cases from our Explorer catalogue are waterproof and made from corrosion proof metal hingers with lid stay features. As a brand Made in Italy, Explorer cases are carefully designed and available in 3 different colors, as well as with a pre-cubed foam or empty.

As a professional in the military field, you must be looking for a case that can accommodate all your long rifles and accessories. For this use, we recommend a best seller, the longest rifle case on the market, BLACK RIFLE CASE WITH PROTECTIVE FOAM (15416 B). It is empowered with wider latches and safe bottom to protect your military equipment from any kind of risks.

One of the highlights of the military category is the PROTECTIVE CASE FOR DELICATE EQUIPMENT, MILITARY GREEN, WITH PROTECTIVE FOAM (2717.G). It is made of polypropylene, and specially designed for professionals who need to carry a large variety of delicate military tools and spare components. It is highly durable and resistant in the most challenging environments..

In case of any doubts, you can contact out customer service that is available to help and advice you.