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Waterproof cases - Medical by EXPLORER CASES

Medical sector, as one of the most important sectors, always require an usage of the most delicate tools, as well as the importance of keeping them in a perfect condition.

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Waterproof cases - Medical EXPLORER CASES

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GT Line waterproof cases for a medical sector are specially designed to ensure the highest protection of your sensitive professional tools. By using the best technology, they are made from corrosion proof metal with lead stay features. In our catalogue you will surely find the most suitable case for your medical tools because of their availability in different colors and dimensions.

For example, waterproof containers with pull-out drawers (5140) can be found in 5 variants. All drawers are designed with self restrain stop to prevent accidental falling out and make their use in a medical sector more comfortable. Explorer POLYPROPYLENE TROLLEY WITH PULL-OUT DRAWERS (5140.BKTE.AH) is ideal for professional workers who need to carry and protect a large amount of tools and spare components in the field.

If you need to carry small medical devices the right choice is a small waterproof case for sensitive devices (model 1908) available in 6 different versions. One of the versions, a waterproof case 1908 BE, has a length of 190mm and optional shoulder strap that makes it really easy to carry and place.

At Mister Worker™ you can find the full range of medical waterproof cases, all covered by the official guarantee of the brand.