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Waterproof cases - Industrial by EXPLORER CASES

Working in industrial sector means dealing with different kind of activities in challenging environments and working with variety of tools. On Mr. Worker™ website you can find big offer of professional tool cases especially designed to carry and transport your equipment.

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Waterproof cases - Industrial EXPLORER CASES

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All cases are made from polypropylene, designed to be waterproof, dust-proof and high impact resistant.

Among the many, we highly recommend an INDESTRUCTIBILE SUITCASE FOR PROFESSIONALS (3317 B), resistant in a long run and made for professional applications. It is designed with a lid that can be set-off, and on our site you can find it in 3 different colors, with or without a pre-cubed foam.

High-impact resistant container (model 4820 G) is a right choice to protect and carry sensitive equipment. This waterproof case is also resistant to impact and crushing which makes it an ideal solution in all extreme environments.

While exploring our website you can discover a big number of accessories to further customize your tool case. If you want advice on which acceessories to choose or which Explorer case is best suited to your needs, call us on +39 02 9143 3257: our customer service is available to help you.