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Wrenches by EXPERT

If you are a professional, you will surely know how important it is to have in your toolbox a series of manoeuvring keys, suitable for working on different nuts and bolts. On Mister Worker™ you will find the Expert wrenches best suited to your professional needs.

If for work you often have to work on various types of nuts and bolts, in order to never be unprepared it is very useful to have in your toolbox a set of professional wrenches ready to use. In the Mr. Worker™ catalog you will find wrenches, pipe wrenches, roller wrenches, wrenches, wrenches, wrenches, combination wrenches, scaffolding wrenches, wrenches for fittings ... and all the wrenches that every professional has need.

An example of what you can find in our catalog? The Expert C9DEE12D adjustable wrench, ISO, DIM and ASME certified. It has an inclined head of 15 ° which allows the angle to be brought back to 30 ° by overturning, and the beaks have a reduced thickness to ensure greater accessibility even in narrow places. The plastic handle makes it very easy to use even for a prolonged period, while the body is forged in steel bonded to chrome vanadium, a material that is very resistant to wear and to corrosive substances.

On Mister Worker™, the online store of professional work equipment, you have a wide range of Expert maneuver keys available, all available for immediate delivery. If you need help choosing or want to have more details about a particular tool, write us an email to [email protected] or call us at +39 02 9143 3257: our customer service will answer your questions and will advise you best!