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Mesuring tools by EXPERT

If you are looking for accurate and reliable measuring instruments, our online store of tools and tools for professionals is the right place. In the catalog of Mister Worker™ you can find the complete catalog of Pastorino Expert tools for measuring and tracing, with high precision and reliability.

On Mr. Worker™ you can find the complete range of Expert tools for measuring and tracking: gauges, flexometers, spirit levels, awls and tips for tracing, rulers... all professional measuring instruments, each specific for specific needs. All these measuring tools are subjected to strict quality controls, and placed on the market only if highly precise and reliable: in this way you will only buy reliable tools that will allow you to make highly precise measurements.

In the catalog there are also some sets of tools for measuring and tracking Expert, such as the 7FC84202 Expert kit, currently in special offer. It is a thermo-format module compatible with the workbenches and the Expert workshop trolleys, containing: a 270mm riveting tool, a 1 / 20mm vernier caliper, a 200mm flexible ruler, an automatic burin with a diameter of 7mm, a tip to trace in 190mm steel and a right-hand shear.

If you do not find what you were looking for or if you need more details about the Pastorino Expert tools you saw in the catalog, write an email to [email protected] or call us at +39 02 9143 3257: our customer service will help you and advise you better.