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Air tools by EXPERT

Are you looking for professional air tools that can help you get high performance at work with minimal effort? On Mister Worker™ you will find the complete range of Expert pneumatic tools, with all the innovations of the Expert 2018 catalog and numerous special offers not to be missed.

Expert pneumatic tools are one of the first choices for those who work in a mechanical workshop, because they reduce time and fatigue and guarantee maximum precision. With pneumatic tools you can, for example, tighten and loosen screws and bolts in no time, without getting tired too much. In our catalog you can find pneumatic screwdrivers, pneumatic ratchets, pneumatic sanding machines, pneumatic detectors, pneumatic grinders and pneumatic drills, to carry out a large number of different jobs in a precise and fast way.

One of the leading pneumatic tools is the FB4AD2C7 Expert 1/2” pneumatic ratchet. It has a very robust mechanism, designed to withstand daily use: it has a no-load speed of 150 rpm, with a maximum torque of 68 Nm. In addition, it has a side discharge that minimizes fatigue, and a practical inversion mechanism on the head. It is a compact and versatile pneumatic tool, ideal for a large number of applications.

Discover the complete range of Pastorino Expert pneumatic tools available in the Mister Worker™ catalog, and make your purchases with confidence: every tool in our online store of professional work equipment is covered by warranty! For any questions or information write to [email protected] or call us at +39 02 9143 3257: our customer service is at your disposal.