EINHELL Petrol power tools

Explore the world of Einhell Toolboxes, designed for durability and efficiency. Perfect for professionals, these toolboxes offer organized storage, strong build quality, and easy mobility, making your workshop operations smooth and hassle-free.

Workshop Trolley TC-TW 100 - Equipped with 4 Drawers

The Workshop Trolley TC-TW 100 is crafted for specialist use with four spacious drawers for organized tool storage. Made from high-quality materials, it has a sturdy framework that can handle the demands of a busy workshop. The lockable drawers ensure your tools are safely stored, making this trolley a reliable choice for maintaining an efficient workspace.

Compact and Robust Storage: System Case 415x273x320mm

The System Case 415x273x320mm is a perfect tool storage solution for professionals on the go. Its dimensions provide a balance between portability and ample storage space, making it ideal for artisans and DIY enthusiasts. This rugged case offers excellent protection against impacts and harsh weather, keeping your tools safe during transport and storage.

With flexible sectioning, it allows for a customized organization of tools, maximizing space utilization and ensuring quick access to your equipment. The durable materials ensure long-lasting protection, making it a top choice for professionals across various fields.

E-Anitcase S35/33 Scenario

The E-Anitcase S35/33 by Einhell is a compact toolbox ideal for storing and transporting small tools and accessories. Its sturdy build ensures longevity, making it perfect for frequent use. The small size makes it easy to handle and store, catering to professionals who need a portable and organized toolkit in tight spaces.

The E-Anitcase S35/33 is designed to securely hold tools during transport, preventing disorganization or damage. This feature is crucial for those who regularly move their tools, ensuring they are always in place and ready to use. Its smart interior design supports both efficiency and practicality, making it a reliable choice for mobile professionals.

Workshop Caddy TC-TW 150 Featuring 7 Storage Compartments

The TC-TW 150 workshop caddy is designed for superior tool organization and easy access. With seven storage compartments of various sizes, it provides ample space for different tools, making it essential for maintaining a tidy workshop. Each compartment is carefully crafted to hold a variety of tools, ensuring logical organization and easy identification.

Built to last, the TC-TW 150 is made from durable materials to withstand workshop conditions. It features sturdy wheels for easy movement around the workspace, combining robust construction with mobility. This caddy is a valuable addition for mechanics, technicians, or hobbyists looking to enhance their workflow.

Einhell's WB 50 Work Table

The Einhell WB 50 Work Table offers a robust and flexible work area for various tasks. With dimensions of 78.5 x 60.5 x 23.5 cm, it provides ample space for handling projects, from simple repairs to complex tasks. The table includes slots and containers to keep tools organized and easily accessible.

Made from high-quality materials, the WB 50 is built for durability and strength, suitable for prolonged use in garages or workshops. Its design combines workspace and storage, enhancing productivity by keeping necessary tools within reach.

Structured E-Case S-F - Robust Compact Carrying Solution

The E-Case S-F is a compact and sturdy solution for transporting and storing small tools and sensitive equipment. Its hard-wearing exterior protects against damage, while the flexible interior adapts to secure your specific tools. Ideal for electronic devices, precision instruments, and fragile items, it ensures vital protection and organization during transport or storage.

Assessing Einhell's Toolbox Collection

Einhell's toolbox collection caters to both professional craftsmen and hobbyists. Each toolbox, whether a mobile workshop trolley or a compact carry case, is designed with user needs in mind. Emphasizing durability, efficiency, and tool safety, Einhell toolboxes ensure your tools are protected and easily accessible. Suitable for professional workshops and personal garages, Einhell's toolboxes promise to maintain tool longevity and enhance workplace organization.