EINHELL Cordless Power Tools

Einhell's cordless power tools collection includes an impressive range of essential equipment, featuring batteries, chargers, rotary hammers, nail guns, cleaning gadgets, compressors, impact drivers, drills, grinders, chop saws, and routers. These tools showcase advancements in cordless technology, ensuring adaptability, durability, and high performance to meet the needs of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Chargers and Batteries from Einhell

Power X-Change Battery System

Einhell's Power X-Change battery system represents a significant innovation in cordless tool technology. These lithium-ion batteries feature intelligent charge management for optimized performance and extended lifespan. With capacities ranging from 2.0Ah to 5.2Ah, they meet various power requirements for professional use.

The 18V 4.0Ah Power-X-Change Starter Kit offers broad compatibility across Einhell's cordless tools. Additionally, dedicated chargers like the CE-BC 1 M, suitable for 6/12V batteries, emphasize Einhell's commitment to user convenience and adaptability.

Designed to meet the demands of high-quality cordless tools, these chargers and batteries are reliable power sources for various professional fields. Einhell's focus on durability, efficiency, and flexibility makes them essential for professionals seeking top-notch cordless solutions.

Cordless Nailers and Rotary Hammers by Einhell

Innovative and Reliable Tools

Einhell's cordless nailers and rotary hammers are known for their reliability and durability in construction. The 18V Cordless Tacker and Nailer from the Fixetto series excels in fastening tasks with cordless ease, making them perfect for jobs requiring agility and efficiency.

For challenging materials like concrete and masonry, Einhell offers the HEROCCO and TE-HD rotary hammer models. These tools, ranging from 18V to 36V, deliver powerful impact force for demanding tasks.

Built with robust materials and precision mechanics, Einhell's cordless nailers and rotary hammers ensure longevity and consistent performance. Their ergonomic design reduces user fatigue, enhancing productivity. These tools blend advanced technology and practical function, making them invaluable for construction professionals.

Cordless Cleaning Equipment by Einhell

Efficient and Mobile Cleaning Solutions

Einhell's cordless cleaning tools, like the GE-LE 18/190 LI Edge Cleaner and the TE-VC 36/30 LI S Wet/Dry Vacuum, offer high efficiency and mobility. These tools are designed for unrestricted movement and adaptability in various cleaning scenarios, improving workplace cleanliness.

The GE-LE 18/190 LI Edge Cleaner ensures excellent edge cleaning performance, while the TE-VC 36/30 LI S Wet/Dry Vacuum handles both wet and dry cleaning needs. These tools are essential for professional cleaning services and workshops, showcasing Einhell's innovation and practicality.

Cordless Compressors by Einhell

Portable and Efficient Compressors

Einhell's cordless compressors, such as the Car Air Compressor CE-CC 18 Li Solo and the Compressor Hybrid Pressito, offer portable solutions for various inflation tasks. Powered by 18V batteries, these compressors are versatile and efficient for everyday use, from inflating car tires to sports equipment.

Cordless Drills and Impact Drivers from Einhell

High-Performance Drilling and Fastening Tools

Einhell's cordless drills and impact drivers, including the Drill/Driver TC-CD 18/35 LI and Cordless Impact Driver TE-CI 12 LI, are designed for exceptional performance in drilling and fastening tasks. Featuring brushless motors, these tools ensure durability and efficiency.

With various voltage ratings and battery capacities, Einhell's drills and drivers offer options for different job requirements, from light to heavy-duty tasks. Their precision and power make them indispensable for professionals across multiple industries.

Cordless Grinders by Einhell

Powerful and User-Friendly Grinders

Einhell's AXXIO and TC-AG cordless grinders are designed for cutting and grinding metal and stone. These robust machines offer cordless operation with efficient performance. User-friendly features like soft start controls and reboot safety enhance safety and comfort during extended use.

Equipped with advanced motors, these grinders perform tough tasks while maintaining peak efficiency. Einhell's commitment to functionality and user experience is evident in their design, making them valuable tools for professionals in construction and metalwork.

Einhell's Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Comprehensive Range of Cordless Tools

Einhell's cordless power tools reflect their dedication to innovation, quality, and user-friendliness. The diverse range of tools, powered by versatile batteries and chargers, supports both professionals and DIY enthusiasts in achieving top-quality results.

With a focus on portability, power, and ease of use, Einhell's tools—from precise nailers and powerful rotary hammers to efficient cleaning implements and robust compressors—are designed with the user in mind. This user-centric approach highlights Einhell's commitment to technological advancement and user satisfaction, making them a preferred choice for reliable cordless power tools.

Explore Einhell's full range of cordless power tools and discover why professionals and DIY enthusiasts trust them for high-quality, innovative solutions.