EINHELL Corded Power Tools

Einhell offers a diverse array of corded tools, including chop saws, routers, compressors, and pressure washers. Known for their power, accuracy, and durability, Einhell's tools are trusted by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Chop Saws and Routers: Mastery in Cutting and Shaping

Einhell's corded chop saws and routers are designed for professional use, delivering power and precision in cutting and shaping tasks. The TC-SM 2131/2 Dual 1500W Sliding Mitre Saw stands out for its robust performance, enabling precise angle cuts with its sliding function and powerful motor.

The TE-RO 1255 E 1200W Router exemplifies Einhell's commitment to accuracy and high performance, producing clean, uniform cuts across various materials. These tools are essential for professionals who need reliable and high-performing machinery for precise results and efficient workflows.

Pressure Washers and Compressors: Ensuring Success in Every Operation

Einhell's pressure washers and compressors, like the TE-HP 170 2300W High Pressure Cleaner and the TC-AC 190/24/8 1100W Air Compressor, highlight the brand's commitment to providing versatile solutions for high-pressure cleaning and compressed air needs. The TE-HP 170 delivers strong cleaning power, while the TC-AC 190/24/8 provides a steady source of compressed air.

These tools are designed for efficiency and durability, making them suitable for a wide range of professional applications. Whether you need high-pressure water flow or reliable compressed air, Einhell's tools ensure powerful and dependable performance.

Contributing Towards Workspace Hygiene: Water Pumps and Dust Extractors

Einhell's dust extractors and water pumps, like the TE-VC 2230 SA Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner and the GC-SP 5511 IF Submersible Pump, are essential for maintaining clean and dry work conditions. The TE-VC 2230 SA effectively handles wet and dry debris, promoting good air quality and worker safety.

The GC-SP 5511 IF submersible pump, with its powerful motor and high flow rate, is ideal for draining large water bodies and dewatering flooded areas. Built from durable materials, these tools ensure consistent performance and reliability in demanding environments.

Workshop Essentials: Grinders with an Emphasis on Versatility

Einhell's grinders, such as the TE-AG 115 720W Angle Grinder and the TC-WG 200 125W Wet Grinder, are key workshop tools for cutting, grinding, and polishing. The TE-AG 115 is perfect for heavy-duty tasks, while the TC-WG 200's water cooling system ensures reliable performance during wet grinding.

These grinders are designed for accuracy and productivity, featuring adjustable guards, ergonomic handles, and spindle locks for easy accessory changes. They are durable and versatile, making them ideal for construction, metalworking, automotive tasks, and DIY projects.

Every Toolbox Necessity: Drills and Impact Drivers

Einhell's corded drills and impact drivers, such as the 1010W Impact Drill TC-ID 1000 E and the 950W Impact Wrench CC-IW 950, offer powerful and efficient solutions for various drilling and fastening tasks. The TC-ID 1000 E, with its impact function, excels in drilling masonry, metal, and wood.

The CC-IW 950 Impact Wrench provides high torque for tightening or removing bolts and nuts, making it invaluable for automotive and construction applications. These tools exemplify Einhell's dedication to producing user-friendly, efficient, and robust corded tools.

Woodworking Precision & Demolition Efficacy: Planers and Rotary Hammers

The Einhell TE-PL 900 900W Planer and the TE-RH 32-1600 1600W Rotary Hammer are designed for precision woodworking and intense demolition tasks. The TE-PL 900 allows for precise material removal and smooth finishes, while the TE-RH 32-1600's powerful motor and multiple functions make it ideal for heavy-duty demolition.

Both tools are built with high-grade components for durability and comfort during long periods of use. They demonstrate Einhell's commitment to providing reliable and high-performing corded power tools for various professional applications.

An In-Depth Look at Einhell's Diverse Corded Power Tool Collection

Einhell's corded power tool collection includes cut-off saws, routers, air compressors, high-pressure cleaners, dust extractors, water pumps, impact drivers, drills, planers, and rotary hammers. These tools cater to the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Designed for innovation, durability, and efficiency, Einhell's tools are built to withstand continuous use in professional environments. Adjustable speed settings, user-friendly designs, and compatibility with various accessories enhance their versatility.

Made from high-quality materials, Einhell's tools are known for their longevity and precision. They meet high standards, ensuring reliable and efficient performance for various tasks in construction, joinery, metalworking, and maintenance.

Professionals value Einhell's extensive range for providing the tools needed to manage challenging tasks effectively and accurately. Whether for intensive cutting, detailed work, or routine maintenance, Einhell's corded power tools are dependable and perform exceptionally well in professional settings.