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Tools indispensable for those working in the field of construction are undoubtedly drill bits and drills. Having to do with many types of materials to be drilled and to work with, have a complete kit with drill bits and cutters.

The drill bits are a very versatile tool, essential in anyone's toolbox, as they allow you to perform various types of work. There are a large number of drill bits, of different shapes and sizes depending on the work to be done and the material to be drilled. There are specific tips for wood, metal, glass and specific points for drilling the wall: there are classic variants, also ideal for work to be done in your home, and more professional models, some reinforced with cobalt. When you need to drill a wall, in addition to having to choose the right tip for the work you have to do, it is also important to choose the right plugs: these are small plastic fixing systems, which expand inside the hole made in the wall when inserting the screw, allowing an effective and safe fixing.

In addition to the classic bits, designed to drill different materials, numerous drills are also available: the most sold are the hole saws, accessories to be mounted on the drill to make perfectly circular holes on various surfaces. There are different sizes, to be chosen according to the diameter of the hole that must be made, and of different types, depending on the material to be drilled: the cutters for wood, for example, have serrated edges and coated with a very hard and resistant material that facilitates a lot of work. The cement cup cutters, on the other hand, are made of a specific metal for cutting reinforced concrete, and they manage to drill it without damaging it and precisely.

In the Mister Worker™ catalog there are numerous drill bits and cutters, available both individually and in practical kits designed for those who must work daily on different materials and make holes of different diameters. Helical and conical drills, rotary burrs, hole saws, spare parts... these are just a few examples of what can be found in our product range.