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DIADORA UTILITY Work T-shirts and Polo shirts

On Mister Worker™ you can purchase a wide range of Diadora Utility Work T-Shirts and Polo Shirts, available in several colors and fabrics, both short-sleeved and long-sleeved.

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Work T-shirts and Polo shirts DIADORA UTILITY

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Buy Diadora Utility Work T-Shirts and Polo Shirts Online on Mister Worker™

Work T-Shirts and Polo Shirts are one of the most common pieces of clothing that you need on the workplace, especially in the summer if you usually work outdoors. The catalogue of Diadora Utility Work T-Shirts allows you to work comfortably even in hot weather conditions: choose within our range of standard short-sleeved t-shirts, work t-shirts with print and work polo shirts available in different colours and fabrics. An example is the Diadora Utility T-Shirt 702.176914: this breathable blue short-sleeved organic cotton T-shirt with photographic print is suitable both for summer and winter.

If you are planning on using polo shirts as workwear, you should rely on the quality of Diadora Utility: they’re comfortable, breathable and flexible to suit your  needs on the job, whether you work on a construction site, in retail or perhaps in a warehouse environment. Diadora also produces both short sleeved and long-sleeved polo shirts such as the model 702.160300: this blue breathable polo shirt, is made out of high quality cotton pique and it is therefore suitable for all seasons.