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DIADORA UTILITY Thermal underwear

Keep warm even in the colder seasons with Diadora Utility thermal underwear. On Mister Worker you can buy Diadora Utility thermal pants and thermal shirts, these garments promote thermal insulation and breathability and are ideal for those who work outside or in unheated spaces in winter.

Thermal underwear DIADORA UTILITY

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Diadora Utility thermal underwear: Thermal and breathable shirts and pants

The Diadora Utility line of technical workwear also includes thermal shirts and pants ideal for those working in the construction, gardening and agriculture industry and logistics sector. These garments are made with polypropylene, polyamide and elastane, they are unisex and without seams. Thermal shirts and trousers help maintain a constant body temperature, promoting thermal insulation and breathability.

The Diadora Utility thermal underwear line includes the trousers PANT SOUL 702.173556, the short-sleeved shirt TOP SOUL SS 702.173556 and the long-sleeved shirt TOP SOUL 702.159682, available from size XS to XXL in black. They are suitable for both men and women, being unisex thermal garments.