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On Mister Worker™ you can buy the complete catalogue of Diadora Utility HI-VIS Workwear: safety vests, Hi-Vis winter jackets and all-season hoodies with reflective bands, Hi-Vis summer T-shirts and Polo shirts and Hi-Vis cargo work trousers.

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Diadora Utility Hi-Vis Workear: Yellow and Orange Safety Vests, High Visibility Jackets, Shirts and Trousers

In many sectors, workers are required to wear high-visibility clothing to carry out their job safely. Diadora Utility offers a specific line of Hi-Vis workwear, made with bright yellow and orange fabrics, with reflective strips, available from size S to XXXL. To choose your size, you will find a size guide on each product page.

If you are looking for a safety vest, in the Diadora Utility catalog you will find the yellow Hi-Vis Vest 702.176229, also available in orange, with reflective applications on the front and on the shoulders. This vest is made of a mixed polyester and cotton material and features a comfortable bedge zip on the chest.

For workers who must wear Hi-Vis clothing during the summer season to work safely on the roads and on construction sites, Diadora Utility offers T-shirts and short-sleeved polo shirts with reflective bands. For example, the yellow high-visibility work T-shirt 702.176233, or the orange high-visibility polo shirt 702.176234.

Diadora Workwear line also includes Hi-Vis waterproof jackets, softshells, fleeces and sweatshirts. For example, among the winter models there is the 2 in 1 high visibility jacket 702.176231. This model is made up of a double detachable jacket: there is a warm removable inner jacket while the outer fabric with reflective applications is in waterproof and breathable polyester. For greater comfort, this rain jacket features comfortable side pockets with zip, a removable hood and a bedge holder on the sleeve. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a warm work sweatshirt with reflective inserts, we recommend the Diadora Utility 702.172119 high visibility double-sided brushed polar fleece, available in fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange.

In the Diadora Utility catalog you will also find Hi-Vis work cargo pants suitable for use in all seasons, such as the 702.176235 model. These work trousers have high visibility polyester bands, have a comfortable elastic waistband with a shaped belt. They have open front pockets and concealed buttons, with contrasting anti-abrasion material in the heel area.

Buy Diadora Utility products online on Mister Worker™ or request a personalized quote by writing an e-mail to [email protected].  A dedicated team will take care of contacting you to better meet your needs and the needs of your company.