Sanders, planers and routers are essential power tools for those working on raw materials that need to be finished and polished, such as wood. In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find the complete range of DeWalt 18V sanders, machinery planers, laminate trimmers and much more!

When you work often with wood, some tools that you will definitely need are DeWalt belt sanders, planers and routers that help you remove imperfection from surfaces: perfect for refinishing and polishing pieces of wood or other materials. When it comes to finishing, you should take the care of choosing high-quality tools that allow you to remove the right amount of material and achieve perfect smooth results in a fast and efficient way. If this sounds interesting to you, check out our catalogue of sanders, thicknessers, planers and much more available for immediate worldwide delivery on Mister Worker™!

Electronic Belt Sanders and Orbit Sanders by DeWalt

There are many sanders available on the market, and our best suggestion is that you purchase one from the wide range of DeWalt Sanders on Mister Worker™.
In particular, if you’re looking for a corded dewalt 18V belt sander, the best option is the discounted DWE6423-QS orbit sander: this sander is equipped with a powerful 3.0Ah motor that spins the pad up to 12000 orbits per minute and it features an improved dust collection system that protects the tool against dust ingestion and, consequently, ensures a longer service life.
As for electronic belt sanders, our absolute best seller is the dewalt dw267 electronic belt sander 800w 75x533mm. This tool is really versatile thanks to its variable speed and manual tracking control, that allows you to always use the right amount of power in order to obtain a clean finish and the removal of the desired amount of material. In fact, its electronic speed control eliminates the risk of scratches at start-up and keeps the speed constant on all types of material. In addition, the speed can be selected based on the surface on which it is working, for optimal results even on painted surfaces and sensitive to overheating. The switch is sealed and dust-proof to ensure a long tool life. Comes with a convenient swivel handle and a very large dust bag.

DeWalt Planers, Thicknessers and Routers at Special Prices on Mister Worker™

Planers and routers are particularly helpful in the field of woodworking: DeWalt planers and machinery planers, in particular, are well-known at an international level because of their resistance and durability. In fact, such tools can be comfortably used also on the hardest wood thanks to their powerful DeWalt engines.
There are two great options in our DeWalt online catalogue 2020 that you can choose from: the D27300-QS DeWalt planer and thicknesser and the DW733-QS portable thickness planer. Both these planers are perfect to cut and finish also large surfaces thanks to their powerful motors and they’re compact in order to be easily carried around on the jobsite.
When it comes to routers, finally, we strongly suggest you have a look at the DeWalt D26200-QS compact router: do not miss this chance to buy this compact and lightweight power tool with a 35% discount on the list price! Thanks to its amazing power output, this electronic router guarantees constant speed and consistent finish in different kinds of material, including aluminium, plastic and many more.

Whether you are looking for a sander, router, a planer, a laminate trimmer or even just routers accessories, DeWALT is the right choice for you: in fact, it is a brand considered by many a synonym of high quality. All the DeWalt tools that you buy on Mister Worker™ are covered by the official warranty of the manufacturer and are ready to be shipped to the UK, Thailand, Germany or wherever you are in the world.
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