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On Mister Worker™, the online store of professional work equipment, you can find the full range of DeWALT laser instruments: distance meters, optical levels, laser tracers and compatible accessories, all shipped within 48 hours.

The De WALT laser instrumentation is highly professional and reliable, chosen for years by professionals all over the world and in every sector. All the laser tools in our catalog pass rigid tests before being put on the market, to guarantee maximum precision and durability over time. In addition, we also offer personalized quotes for those who need to purchase a substantial number of professional tools!

For example, in the Mr. Worker™ catalog you will find the DeWALT DW117 laser level, designed to perform precise plumbing and horizontal alignments. It has the functions of leveling, alignment and squaring: it projects 5 points of light and has a range of 30 meters, with an accuracy of +/- 3mm / 5m. Furthermore, it is self leveling: the rear horizontal beam integrates the various points, making leveling applications easier. Finally, the pendulum locking function avoids possible damage during transport, keeping it safe from possible impacts.

If you are looking for DeWALT laser instruments to make precise measurements, buy online on Mister Worker™: every product in the catalog is covered by the official manufacturer warranty, to protect you during the purchase, and periodically we offer special unmissable offers designed to allow you to renew the your work equipment. Call us on +39 02 9143 3257 if you want to know more or need help to buy!