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DeWALT Hand tools

Dewalt Hand Tools Complete Catalogue

When it comes to getting your most difficult job done with 100% efficiency, maximum flexibility, and less effort, the Dewalt Hand Tools are the perfect solution for you. Dewalt designed and manufactured a wide variety of hand tools to deliver the highest standard of excellence you need. These best-performing hand tools are the perfect choice for professional home builders, remodeling contractors, industrial maintenance mechanics, plumbers, and electricians, who are determined to get their job done with increased productivity, less complexity, and lowered costs. 

These custom-made Dewalt cutters, shears, screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers are ideal for those who are looking for prying nails and staples, near flush cuts, toughness and durability, and highly comfortable grip for maximum control. The Dewalt pliers are engineered with low-profile heads, induction hardened cutting edges, spring mechanism, high-quality locking system, all-in-one prying and cutting tip, lower cutting edge, and fully hardened CRV steel - enabling you for a 70% increase in cutting capacity, maximum convenience, higher strength and durability, increased productivity, and better control. The Dewalt screwdrivers offer the best-performing magnetic screw lock system, CNC machined tips with FullFit design, and ergonomic handles - allowing you for maximum torque, higher comfort, holding the screws securely for one-handed fitment, greater contact with the fastener to limit stripped screws, and reduced cam-out. Dewalt shears come with industrial-grade and high-performance metalworking solutions that are designed with a reduced handle span to provide a lower level of muscle effort you need while cutting any tough materials. These best-performing shears are perfectly suitable for cutting aluminum, vinyl siding, various types of screening, cardboard, leather, different copper, and 18 to 22-Gauge sheet metal. 

Discover the complete range of Hand Tools that are designed and manufactured by Dewalt on Mister Worker™. We offer a wide range of Dewalt hammers, hacksaws, shears, best-performing screwdrivers, cutters, and various pliers, and deliver them all over the world, no matter where you live. The Dewalt DWHT0-20547 - 5-IN-1 hacksaw is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a blade length of 300 mm, 24.0 teeth per inch, 45° or 90° Blade angle, long reach blades, low profile heads, and one year warranty - enabling you for on-board blade storage, effortless cutting in tight spaces and corners, increased cutting power, and maximum efficiency. The Dewalt DWHT0-70485 compound action pliers set (3 pcs.) is another best-selling product in this category that comes with induction hardened cutting edges, compound action design, high-quality Spring mechanism, best-performing locking system, Bi-material handles, and VDE certification. It allows you for 70% more cutting capacity, maximum strength, longer service life, solid and comfortable grip, convenient and effortless work experiences, safer storage, maximum efficiency, increased productivity, and lowered costs.